For the first time it happened when I was 6 years old. I lived in a small 3-storey building with a large attic, and his girlfriend Irina in next door a year younger than me. Our Nurse Irkoy friends and we grew up together with the diaper, playing in the sandbox, hide and seek, etc. Peers, we were only two of us, and the rest were older, did not play with us, and we were together Irkoy left to themselves. The yard was quiet, lots of bushes, where we did the staffs, kindergarten behind the fence, the mysterious and dusty attic, where we were forbidden to climb, but we of course climbed and even made a small headquarters there. One afternoon I was walking pinnuv some box found underneath pictures with pornographic content, namely, oral sex,. Made expressly amateur with poor sharpness that the details see it was bad. About sex when I have heard, but never seen or thought, and then SO !!! Hiding photos in the attic, I decided to show them Irke when it comes out for a walk. When Ira came out for a walk, I said, I have a secret, and if you want to see go to the attic. She agreed. Photos we considered for a long time. Ira was very surprised what he saw. What in the world has a boy and a girl she knew as many times as I saw write standing up, and I had seen how she pees sitting down, but did not look back. Then I offered to show her pipiski each other, for more detailed consideration. First, I have you, then you have me, I suggested to her. Ira stood up, pulled off her panties and spread her legs while standing. I climbed between her legs and began to examine. The sight was amazing. Delicate pink lips with schelochkoy middle pushed me to think that if they push out there is something there. Pushing hands, I saw a hole, poked a finger in there and asked: "You're there to write?". She said yes. Once again, carefully examining its pipisku, I gently licked it as he saw the pictures. Ira stood silently. Then I just started to lick her. On the palate it was very pleasant.
I got a little lick. Ira pulled her pants and said, now you show me. I pulled up to the knees shorts and panties exposing her pipisku. She sat on his lap, and began to watch. I showed her that if the pull the foreskin back a little then laid bare head. Carefully two fingers she tried to pull herself from her and it happened the first time. Then she gently opened her mouth, I took my pipisku in the mouth and slowly through pursed lips released. From this my pipiska instantly stiffened and became like a pencil. Having a few more such movements Ira let go of my pipisku and stood up. Pulling on pants and shorts, carefully climbed down from the attic, as too long absence of our yard can cause suspicion among parents, we are each about yourself digested first received sensations. The next day, as soon as we went for a walk, I again offered Irke "show each other pipiski". At this time, climbing to the attic Ira took off her panties, lifted her sarafan and lay down on the foresight postelennuyu old coat. I sat in between her legs, first stared at her pipisku, poked a finger in it began to lick her. Ira lay silently, then I heard that she began to breathe more and more deeply. Lick a few minutes, we swapped. She also gently began to suck my pussy.
The concept of orgasm we did not know, so do all of this quickly, just enjoy new sensations. If you knew you probably would have done it longer. So over the summer we have a few more times climbed to the attic to show each other pipiski. Autumn came, then winter, we had to play at her house for close supervision of granny. Privacy we do not succeed. Spring in the home start of the season repairs, and loft was closed lock made turner Uncle Vasya. To get to him was impossible. Gradually flew summer, I was preparing for the first class. At school, I naturally meet new friends, and I learned from them that there is a real sex, oral, anal. Shackle even brought a magazine something like playboy stolen at the time of his elder brother, and I carefully leafed through it was theoretically prepared for new developments. Before lunch I was in school, and Jirka in kindergarten. He retired again did not succeed. I had to wait patiently for the moment when one day the garden was closed for repair of roofing felts, roofing felts still for something. Ira sat at home with his grandmother. Coming after school, dressed I went to play with her.
Grandma had a hospital, parents are at work, and since I was in first grade, and was considered an adult grandmother trustingly left Ira with me, saying not to bully. As soon as she left, I told Irke that what we did is called oral sex, and there are other types of sex. While Grandma did not come decided to try. Stripped naked Ira lay on the bed and I thought instinctively spread her legs slightly bent at the knees. Seeing her in this position my pipiska immediately stood up. Exciting it was not necessary, because of my story for a long time she was already wet. I lay down on it, leaned on his hands and turned his pipisku in her crack. From the first attempts to enter did not work. Ira hand mi parted lips, lifted her pelvis and I slowly began to enter into it. The sensation was indescribable. This I had never experienced before. Ira quietly gasped and closed her eyes. Continuing to move forward, I felt that my pussy rested. What is a virgin, I know, and if it will break up blood, I knew it too. Then I started to move it back to her and not to tear it. Ira often breathed, tilted her head back, and I could not resist kissing her on the lips. Her hands closed on my back (seen enough movies think at this point I), closed his lips again in a kiss. A few minutes later she came, and I followed her. Ira seriously looked into my eyes, hand wiped the sweat from my forehead. Dressed as if nothing had happened, I pulled out some kind of game, and sat down to play. More cases to retire within a year we could not, until Ira did not go to school. I was in the second grade, she was in the first. By this time, I began to understand that I love her. In school we walked together.
Returned differently as timetable was not the same, Ira under the watchful eye of Grandma, I have all sorts of clubs, a swimming pool. In fourth grade Irkin grandmother died. Her and my parents were at work, and after school in my spare time, I naturally went toward her. Now is the time Vidic, cassette pornography secretly found, exchanged, and watched with Irkoy we had sex for the full program. Maidenhead I stripped it, we decided to try it in a pose cancer. She just cried not much, ran into the bath to wash off the blood, a little trickle dripped-off leg to the knee. When he returned, she sat on my lap, and said that now I'll have to marry her. But I already knew that Irina will be my wife. And our parents looking at how we grew up together said we were the bride and groom. When I first started Irki month we were engaged in sex with a condom. Hormonal pills to drink it flatly refused. At first it was funny condom large and growing on my penis, he hung out and not once slipped a member remaining in the vagina. Then we did not have sex with him, and I finished it in his mouth. A completely alone together, by themselves, we were on the Black Sea, where Irina graduated from the first course, I am the second, and the parents have voluntarily released. There we had sex like crazy, 8 times a day in the sea, in the shower, on the beach at night, everywhere where only given the opportunity. A year later we are officially married. Daughter Alinochka.