Sex, bike, rock-n-roll (Part 4: Again the evening)

We Marcus for a long time been separated. But once developed, especially in the presence of appropriate motivation. Suddenly, during a regular night's conversation on the "Skype" art of undressing in front of the camera, and the subsequent execution of «Shot through the heart» Bon Jovi duet, Marcus suddenly announced that he would come. On the whole weekend. Wait for me, baby, prepare clean sheets ... I am ready, as a sanitary inspection. Chlorinated entire artistic bedlam, even in the cabinets removed. Yes, I missed you. Yes, my knees were shaking again, and for a couple of days before I began to sleep badly and little to eat. So the arrival of Marcus my form was called "Do not forget to wear a belt to pants do not fall." But finally his flight. Its a bit detained and I nestled in the arrival hall under a large palm tree. When the doors opened, and he was among the first, as a person without luggage, of which fluttered, I has stayed right foot, and

Two days fucking

The first day At the cottage We arrived late in the evening. P. brought a bottle of cognac and konfety.Estestvenno immediately sat down at the bar and started chatting and sitting in pit.Nata ozhidanii.P was a good half bottle sobesednikom.Kak opustashili P. suggested we go to smoke on terrasu.Ya but not smoking poshol. Nathan P. left I heard them talking but were unclear slova.Cherez a couple of minutes talking utih.V Inside I ran hot volna.Ya came out the back door and walked dachu.Na was no light but the terrace through the window was enough light for me to see that there proiskhodit.P. and I sat on the chair and smoking a Nat settled at his feet, and it was clear that she sucks his dick. I was strong enough that I opened a picture nablyudal.P. I put out the cigarette and sharply vstal.Nata wanted to move, but P. sharply turned her face to the table and leaned on stol.Nemnogo rudely pulled up the dress and we both appeared naked ass for thrifty zheny.On polapat ass and fell in my

Swing. The resort

and in the dining room, studying the local service "all inclusive". Looking closely to others, we did not find a decent pair of us. Either they were bored elderly or forever drinking free alcohol groups of young people. We did not want to spend a holiday in a drunken stupor, and visit here at least a few trips, the benefit from the window of the plane we saw beautiful mountains and a beautiful coastline. In the evening of the second day we were sitting in the hotel pool, and a table, having finished dinner, we expect the beginning of the program a pleasure. Jack was wearing a short skirt, and a fitting topic, under which there was no bra, and were clearly visible nipples of her firm breasts. On her feet she wore white sandals with high heels. At the same me was a bright Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Around reigned fun atmosphere. Turks in Russian speaking almost without an accent, starting with a few jokes, then switched to fun contests with jokes. - Will you allow?

I, my wife and whore

I kind of did it reluctantly, some movement that made him even more excited and started me with strength cuddle. Of course I, too, was not to sleep, the more that his hand was lying on my pubic hair, and fingers gently patted my klitorok. Oh, it's so nice, I like to hang out with utrechka. His fingers threw my delicate clitoris to fend for themselves, and themselves climbed on, that is, to me through the crack. Which was already slightly soaked. I sleep naked, so there was not any obstacles to have dominion over me. What he did ... and press down lightly on my back, I was lying to him backwards, and my lower torso, butt and pussy is opened before eldoy. Without hesitation, he pounced on me and started to stick his dick in my cunt. As soon as his head touched a member of my pussy, I have so much all jammed between my legs and I wanted it so badly that I almost skewered herself on his dick. And what I got kayfets when he slipped me his full, words can not convey, someone fucked, he will

Seduction of the innocent spouse-2

We are H, my gentle wife, has decided that it is not on fantasies will move, when suddenly there was a story that I'll tell you. We often travel almost every weekend we go to somewhere by car or flying an airplane. At the time we went to the car show in Atlanta. The day passed in a detailed study of the new car. H three times returned to the new Lexus SUV, which whetted her voobrazhenie.U she has a good American car, Ford Explorer, bought new 2 years ago, and the purchase of such an expensive car, a Lexus, was not part of our family plans. H is well understood, but get her out of the car liked it succeeded with great difficulty. H was in her favorite transparent black dress, it can be called a stretch, it is more like a negligee, so it was transparent, open and short. Shorts H never wears, like a bra, so that the appointment of the dress could be questioned .. Frankly, the reaction of passing men looked down on in amazement through a translucent dress chest and neatly

Feast for ..

New Year is approaching. I zamayalsya work and honestly was not prepared to say adequately meet in 2001. The only thing that did was took her daughter with her friends to their elders in the village. - Well, where we will spend the New Year? - I asked the Light -No idea. Come home. Candle light and comfortable chairs - I replied. The day before the celebration, I was returning from work at lunch, when cell phone rang. Did my school friend. Her daughter, along with our left the village. On the phone, as always, Happy New Year, and offer to meet him along on its territory. I replied that peregovorb with his wife and call back. Well podelaesh- agreed zhena- at least we will not be bored. Male classmates, Nicholas, engineer, well earned. She also opened a private firm. Olya was beautiful, tall woman. Large breasts and long legs, was my long-standing dream. I was in love with her since the first grade. But then a few years fate has scattered us, and when we met each

Vacation together

Inspecting our financial resources, we stopped on a variant with a trip to Bulgaria. I've already been there once more before he met with Natalia. Then another young and divorced, I went there with her boyfriend, the same light-hearted young man. We had fun strolling through restaurants, of which there are many on the coast, got acquainted with the same carefree girls, in short, everything is as it should be. But now I - 30 deep, with me - his wife. The daily our was as follows: in the morning - on the beach, after lunch - either in Varna, or just lay in nomenre, and in the evenings we crawled out to dinner in some restaurant. Each time - in the new. One day while sitting at the table of the restaurant outdoors, contemplating the sea at night and listening to the musicians, we met with Tolik and Marina. They were from Moscow. Shred was probably 40 or a little more. Not very tall, tight, with dark hair framing his bald head, he was ready to talk for hours on any subject, demonstrating

I love my wife

I love my wife, and probably always loved her. It is, above all, of carnal love. What we get up in the early years, there was no fatigue. Sleepless nights, after one orgasm is followed by another. Not needed not any stimulant, no matter your mood and trouble. It was enough to look at one another as soon have the desire. But over the years, but it sounds corny. "Love" became less prolonged, orgasms are not so stormy and bright, erection more sluggish. Irina increasingly in the evening wanted to sleep, tired at work, I later would sit at the TV, referring to an interesting movie or football. But if you happened proximity to everything was at a decent level, we had to invent some new positions, new roles. Knowing each square centimeter of his wife's body, and it is mine, it seemed difficult to surprise each other, but miracles happen. We have already engaged in oral sex, but one night after a small quarrel, I was a little drunk, and his wife just got to suck my dick. Taking

Tale of the light of love, or tetrahedron

We decided to go on a winter vacation. Nothing particularly luxurious: a house in the forest filmed in advance. We arrived before dark. Wilderness, pine trees in the snow as a Christmas picture, even the dogs do not bark. A strong frost, normal for these places. Quietly, no wind. Frozen for a long time to warm the room, fireplace too flooded, batteries included, and everything on the floor pulls icy draft, everything melts the frost on the walls. We had been married only six months, we with my Galya, and our friends Victor and Nadia. Galya and Nadia girlfriend at the institute of foreign languages. Vitya I know bad, but he's, like, a bad guy, and convivial. After a long journey we were sitting by the fireplace frozen, it seems, forever. There wine. Nadia knows how to make mulled wine, hot and sour, which warms us all sitting close to the fire. It's getting hot, and we laugh, sipping from a mug of cooling. It was thought Vitina, which he said almost in a

Old New Year

Valya and I are married for over 20 years. Sexually already seems to have tried everything but the Group. And now the time has come when we, or rather I, I wanted to have sex with one more pair. Actually, I wanted to caress and to fuck Valya alone with someone, but pure lonely man is hard to find. A single pair - Stepan and Maria - has tried to establish contact with us. As it turned out, Stepan still five years ago spotted Valya. We have so far only led talks "all near and around," but none of us dared to direct offer. In the New Year we Valya decided to invite them to her, but too late - they are already invited to a family. Then we invited them to advance to meet the New Year with the old, and they agreed. They came at the eleventh hour in the evening. Immediately we sat down and began to celebrate. Stepan began to drink vodka and cognac, and quickly okosel. Val and Mary drank wine. All the talk revolved around "it," but no more. And so almost five in the