Under rain

- If you sit in this car, it's all over between us! I said. - So it's all over between us - she was peremptory - in the end, it's because of you I was on this desolate highway, do you have, in the mobile phone took the battery, it is you, not the machine. Well, that Savic, agreed to give me a lift. You want me to ask him, and he will throw you? I was furious. And I told her silence. - As you want. I wish you to return to the city, 'she said, and went to the side to stop the car. It was a black Mercedes. The models and I never really did not understand, and what's the difference, what kind of model. What is important is that that I loved, or rather thought that today would leave loved leaving me to fend for themselves to really deserted highway. So much progulochku, here and picnic, here and in the open air sex. Yes, and the storm is about to begin. I watched the receding Mercedes, and walked toward the city. There were a huge field and not a living soul. The field was sown,


I stood in front of the desk ensign, deputy head of the clothing service Suvorov Military School, a young man of twenty-five, which is neat handwriting was the act of finding them the fact of theft of government property Lipatov listener (ie, me) with the school store. This broke off my training, because the theft at the school would never be forgiven. If not for the lump in my throat, I am, in spite of their pride, would begged him to forgive me, to promise whatever he wants. Well, that is two vests, which I foolishly took off for myself and Oleg, his best friend on the course, which after the release of Suvorov was going to do in the Penza School of Airborne Troops? Now there will be no release, no friend, no Penza school. I wistfully remembered tearful, but happy mother's eyes when she came out of the cabinet chief Suvorov Military School, who received me, despite weak knowledge as an orphan, the son of an officer killed while on duty. What I am now going to tell her? What do I say

With sister best

That day I went home early. At school, the teacher fell ill in English and last class was canceled. Near the school is still drunk with his friends on a couple of bottles of beer and spirits rose considerably. Especially because drinking "Baltic-9". Therefore, even a little razvezlo. Throwing off his shoes and clothes I got unsteadily to my room. He threw a backpack under a table, and a careless movement of the hand turning the handle of my room door, I was alone with reflections - what to do next. The decision came quickly. A friend gave me a tape with porn yesterday - that it's what I see. Comfortably in a chair with remote control in hand, I relaxed and got ready for a pleasant pastime. Rewind the titles and make a sound so loud, so as not to hear located sister, I began to come off in the next room. On the screen, a young girl came to visit his friend and they have already started to flirt with each other. The guy pulled the girl's clothes, and she began to undress him.

Summer dream

The next summer was surprisingly hot and people bezvylazno spent near water. What a blissful swim to lie on the warm sand when water droplets roll off and dry up the warm sunshine. I fell asleep quickly. I woke up from what was cool, soltse was covered with a large storm cloud. Soon the rain was about to begin must, but the time for the last swim was still abound. Climbing up, I began to enter into the water. Cool jet pleasantly refreshes the skin. I think I was the only one who is now bathed. Remaining in a hurry leaving the beach. I was alone. Then why are watering already dried melting? I looked back pulled them off. The water was still pleasant, when she began to reach me from the waist up. Having sailed a little to the side, I froze, enjoying the way for carrying me slowly. Of algae slid, caressing me. It seemed like a mermaid touch me. It was a blissful state came over me and it seemed I had lost track of time, but the first drops of rain brought me from a state of euphoria. I

Body check

I stopped the car in front of the hospital building, the stomach sucked treacherously, how I did not want to go, I'm tired of these annual inspections, but if I do not pass another medical examination, and then I get another respite from the army. But today more and have to go for it: I approached the office, there was no one I could safely go, but I stopped for a moment at the door, and imagined what would happen next, I go she will smile to me flat on duty smile, only in the eyes run up devils, these small and mischievous, smile and It continues, to write something in the card of another patient, or to speak with a nurse. I once again found myself thinking that I love this woman, like her little devils in the eyes, blond hair, pulled back in a bun, like her figure under the white robe, but most of all I like it invisible power over me, I depend on it , it hurts and gets me. I go, it is one now, devils in her eyes just went crazy, she quietly gets up and locks the door behind me. -

Wish Wheels

Now to me it is difficult to say what made me then, a few months ago to accept the offer of my old friends Klaus and Monica come to them on the weekend and take part in their picnic. In fact, at heart I am a man not inclined to communicate. Especially because at the time I had a lot of urgent matters. Nevertheless, I agreed. Perhaps even then I instinctively felt that I was waiting for some kind of unprecedented incredible adventure. So in fact often the case - the mind is silent, but something inside of you sucking the stomach and relentlessly itchy, suggesting: "Do it, do it necessarily." And, as a rule, you should listen to this here is my inner voice. Are you sure to happen if something like that, as you will later recall with gratitude, if not destiny, then in any case, with interest. It happened in the case of which I want to tell. Not because there is so nice to talk about themselves things that happened to me at that time. Hikomu not nice if you speak about what

Old staircase

Thank walking along Tverskaya. Past rapidly swept cars. It was a normal everyday bustle. He stopped at the underpass, lit a cigarette. Deep protracted, he was basking in the spring sunshine. A little more and the snow come down at all, and it is his favorite time - from the land climbs different greens, chirps and flutters different animals, and in the head with particular force climb different stupid thoughts. "You will not smoke?" - Suddenly he heard a quiet voice. Glory turned and saw no one at first. Just head down, he saw the girl. In appearance she was about eleven or twelve. On the slender body - worn jeans and something between a jacket and a coat of gray in a large black cage. On his head wore a simple knitted cap. Behind the girls saw the glory of one another - apparently a friend. - There will be - he handed her a pack "Pall Mall". - And it is possible the two? - Followed by the traditional question. - Go ahead, - said Slava, literally devouring

Amazing trip

Urgent telegram of serious illness of my wife's father came unexpectedly, as such things come. She had to urgently meet in the street. Riding 250 kilometers pleasure is not a pleasant one, especially not at the wedding. I volunteered to accompany my darling to the destination, the benefit of just four days successfully deported me back to all the department in February next vacation. Although the ancestors of my little wife, I could never digest, I just wanted to unwind, take a sip of life-giving air patriarchal province and at the same time pass Zyatkov considerate and compassionate husband. Companion of my life is incredibly cheered and she laid them to overflowing me lots of trunks and bags with different metropolitan grocery deficits for Dad. It was in the era of half-starved, Gorbachev's perestroika. My wife was 27 years old, finished a university, had one-spinogryzov Nikolka at the age of 4 years, which often took away my mother to himself, lived in the house next door. This is

Erotic etude 8

It was one of those angels, which is best seen from the ground. Which he did. Armed with antiquated binoculars, he crawled to the distance to the smell of the innermost piece of wild beach, where she performed the daily birth of the foam. Why binoculars, you ask. But how to see without a feather on the skin amber, wheat curl hair sparkle in the eyes ... A handful of grains of sand, hidden from the hourglass there, where for the time being does not look time. He liked to alternate greed, armed with Zeiss lenses, with bare eyes from a distance, walking toward her on the ledge of a hill and stumbling on its stearic figure. He touched her eyes and imagine she responded to his ghostly touch - shuddered, straightened, sometimes even smiling at nothing. He still could not understand or know it only felt that she was being watched. And maybe not even feel, but simply acted with the natural grace of a cat, which spit, watching her or not. She resorted flushed from the guest house, and he has

Games in the summer camp

As a child I loved to go to summer camp. At times I spent there for two or three consecutive shifts. I do not know what attracted me there so can freedom from parental care, can chat with their peers, and can: I want to tell a very real story that occurred to me in one of those trips. She is very influenced my future sex life and my fantasies. It all began with a simple card game in the fool: Start with yourself. My name is Olga to me. I was only 11 years old and I had a rather interesting girl, but it was not yet developed as a woman. I have straight brown shoulder-length hair and dark eyes. The figure of course was only a baby. I was very skinny and awkward girl with disproportionate forms. Slender and thin legs and a bit longish arms. Sisechek I did not yet exist, and of course there was nowhere hair. Pussy I have always been very okuratnenkaya and completely naked. In general, I was so awkward and skinny nymphet, as they say now. I went to the camp with her best friend