Saga Galyah

First Galya Grade 9. 16 years. Brains overflowing sexual obsession. Each female silhouette excites and fascinates. Ready to fuck -30 hours a day! And the experience just masturbation: Hats semiklasnitsu Galya after a movie. We wander a meter from each other, until it gets dark: Summer is in full swing. In polusumerkah advancing step by step guide to a friend mown wheat field with rows neubranyh after the combine straw stacks. The intention is clear and Gale, but she bravely follows the path given me. The depth of field for a long time with anguish kiss, fearing disunite lips, and she and I know what is brewing, and this wish: we are afraid of this. But hormones and curiosity stronger than us. I spend a hand on the girl's breasts almost fledged. Galya shudders, but does not protest. So he agrees. Giving up his jacket on the edge of the shocks, I align the straw and took a great interest for a girlfriend. It falls on me and freezes. Risen has long been a member of almost stiff with

Girl Sasha. Part one

Sasha was born very much like a girl. Blond curly hairs, doll face, plump lips and huge blue glazyuki with long eyelashes - all betrayed a girl, except for the segment and testes, which seemed a complete misunderstanding on this child yet, but a beautiful body. Misunderstandings began in kindergarten, when my mother wanted to cut a boy Sasha, what he actively resisted, and even tears. Mom retreated, and Sasha loved to try girly outfits and then with his long curly hair no one could not tell from the girl. In the garden, he played mostly with the girls liked to dress dolls and coddle them. One night, in the country house, where the children were taken in the summer of garden, Sasha climbed into bed with a girl who has built his eyes, and asked to give him to touch her pussy. The girl did not mind, and Sasha, with a sinking heart missed a hand under the girl's panties and gently stroked and squeezed it soft hairless treasure fingers parted the lips and slightly submerged in innocent

The bus (2)

The bus terrible crush, which is only in our public transport. Tolkuchka and bumpy road almost ot hardened me with a girl. It was summer and we had light clothes. I felt my cock starts to harden and rests on the buttocks of a stranger. How not to try anything I can not help myself. From start to blush with shame, but I can not move away. Suddenly I notice that the girl casually begins to step on his feet, moving his buttocks, thus arousing me even more. When you attempt to move away from it even for a bit, she clung to me even stronger, and I was intrigued. Al pushed and turned to face each other. Member rested her in the stomach with such force that the pants and look to burst at the seams. Elastic impressive size chest pressed against me and sways like a pendulum. Cheeks flushed girl, feel her hot breath. She raised her eyes, brilliant and fogged by him, I understood everything, and whispered in her ear: "You're lovely". e looking down, she said: "You really like me

For porteroy

Black satin leotard with three red stripes - that was you need to speak to Arthur in the show program. Material brought him Germany, now it was for a good tailor. This is where friends and They advised him to go to Stella. Like, and sew it quickly, and do not repeatedly demonstrated outstanding talent designer, and very good a ... This last argument seemed to Arthur the most convincing. Pre-phoned, he came to her on Wednesday evening. The door was opened by a tall, slender brown-haired. Bizarrely tailored whether gown, whether successful evening gown of her dignity podchepkivalo figupy: truly a wasp waist, long legs, her soft thrilling ppopoptsionalnymi lines shoulders. Dark green light shapfik, drop down on them, obviously the color of the eyes podbipalsya ochapovatelnoy hoyayki. Ppoydya room, Aptup saw two other young women, fun twitter about something. Stella skpylas a moment of heavy dark poptepoy, otgopazhivayuschey corner of the room, and from there with a stack of

From my diary

From early childhood, I run my own blog. In it I write down their thoughts, experiences and feelings. What you read on, I wrote three years after the events described by me. With the highest degree of accuracy in these terse phrases and single I was able to play one of the most exciting moments of my life. Fragment of diary with the given explanations and clarifications. ... it happened seven years ago. I then studied in the seventh grade, I do not hang around on the streets with nothing to do, sitting at home, reading books and taught classes. Naturally, he studied well enough. About sex while not even dreamed of, and itself - was a virgin. I went to the swimming section. Together with us and the girls engaged. All in closed swimsuits, some have clearly manifested his chest. I always took with him into a pool of water goggles to dive under the water and watch them. Sometimes I notice that they are also looking at me, and sometimes even out of the water, for example, when I went

On the decline of summer

Dzintari concert hall. Light concentric thickening of the bandstand. Here the musicians tune their violins. Applause, all pulled neck - left conductor. Neck wrinkled old women, are moving in the low-cut dress like a turtle. Neck men strong and Adam's apple like a birch logs. Do we ever let us come to the concert after colorless day out of daily soldering experience? The conductor raised his hands in silence for a few moments was clearly heard the noise of the sea. Began to play the music of Bach, geometrically beautiful music of Bach. At the same time the musicians are reflected in the glass of the bandstand, lying vertically. At the top are two elegant cellist, more graceful than it actually is. - I'm more interested in the reflection of the musicians than themselves. - And I - out of the girl two rows. It's funny to see how each musician's hands moving in rhythm specified by the conductor, but his figure. Eye-catching shoulders, face, arms, billowing movements to the beat of

My first time in the ass

In our yard there was a noisy one small non-Russian family - a woman of thirty-five, and her son, who was about fifteen years. Where and how they arrived - no one really knew each judge his own. The fact that the boy, her son (Oleg) was moronic child and studied at a boarding school for mentally retarded children. "I Studied" - was loudly said, because he did not go there and doing their own thing. In broad daylight, he hunted for trash cans, although they lived more or less in abundance. Oleg did not know how to speak, as a form of retardation had been running and weightlifting. One day with his friend Kostya sat in my garage and steeples of backgammon. By the way, we are intelligent men, and we have a family, I still can not understand why we have done IT? And what we did was listen carefully. Oleg saw us in the garage, ran up to us and began to run in front of our eyes, we nerviruya. We made him remark, but it will only become fun. Then he came to us, took off his

Amazing neighbor

My name is Leroy and I want to tell you about the amazing story that happened to me, and that left an indelible mark in my mind. That year I was twenty, I was a student in a foreign city, and I had to rent an apartment, or rather the room. It was convenient and comfortable enough, because apart from me lived in the apartment only the owner, which is often absent, and it turned out that I was living almost always alone in a one-bedroom apartment. For a poor student it was great. I am a typical blonde, not only high, with a large and magnificent breasts, which has always been my main advantage compared to the other. Butt I'm pumped, as an athlete in high school years, she was resilient and strong, and has always been a great desire to have muzhichin around me. Since I lived alone for a long time, but one day the landlord came and stayed for a long time. We had to communicate, build relationships, but it was not a very sociable person, often closed one and worked. He was well-built,


Irina - a single woman of 30 years. Despite the chic appearance ... huge breasts, slender legs, tight stomach, pretty face framed by a shock of brown hair, and has not found a life partner. Of course there were suitors, even offers to marry, but neither of which never happened. It was not until in the life of Irina someone who would be able to conquer it and thus bind to itself. She led a regular life work - the house, sometimes a movie or theater. Fleeing from loneliness through a variety of devices, the size of which, by the way, impressive. Irina liked it when her genitals and anus have been stretched to the limit, even to pain. That is what gave the strongest satisfaction. Although such actions are gradually led to the fact that the vagina was strongly stretched, and labia stretched and drooped, and, once joked girlfriend in the bath, they were like a rag. Irina then absolutely not offended, she liked the comparison. So no change and proceeded to her life, but firm, where


Sasha came home early and in a good mood. It was Friday, and working problems were behind him until Monday. Olga was waiting for him at home - "Go take a shower" - She said - and potschatelney!" - "What - potschatelney?" - he asked - All!"- Smiling wife He quickly showered, dried head of a hairdryer and walked into the bedroom, where he saw ......... And there was not anything special. Frowning, he turned back to the closet, opened the door to take the laundry and saw a note pinned: "Go to the living room ..." Sasha read. He drew attention to his condition, waiting for something secret captured and excited him. "What will happen to me tonight? That means carefully?" He quickly had an electric razor on the cheeks and chin, splashed cologne, combed his hair, before going into the living room. Olya sat in a wide chair, her long red hair was loose. She was dressed in a shirt and trousers, on her lap lay a blanket. The woman beckoned