Tales of the old Onan. Tale of Three: Children? This is what we love!

Those who do not have children, do not know much about that kind of torture. Well, someone from neroditeley know that the first days of a baby's stool is greenish mass that just born child is ready to shoot a horror movie or a shout from them more than from all the dying monsters of thirty levels of the Duma? Usually it happens that the child wants a woman and a man only indulges her desire for the love of it and in the process, not knowing the upcoming nightmare with this lump of flesh .. It turns out that the child is busy mom, grandmother or girlfriend. ..Artem was born in May, and almost immediately he was given into the care of the younger sister of the mother - Masha. First of it - 17 years, engaged in dances and therefore, plus the impact of the natural tendency to a lack of adipose tissue is a rare harmony of shapes, for which it called for the eyes 'board - two nipple'. Painted light brown hair in pigtails before the former, and now shortened to a four of a kind, fun and

University sex with teacher

My name is Anne, and today I will tell the story of an unforgettable sex, which has remained in my memory for a lifetime, because it was truly enchanting and exciting. It was during his student years, and I, like many other female students, it occurred vtyurilsya in his own teacher who was really funky compared to many others. It happens to many, especially when the teacher is a man of middle age, and excellent external data. On his pairs, I always went crazy, not even counting on anything. Because I'm not a particularly impressive appearance, small in stature, with fragile features, small breasts, narrow hips. A complete set of teenage girl though that I was not. On pairs of my favorite teacher I was always very interesting, I even asked for to write his term paper, because it was exciting to him, tempting, and, of course, because he liked me to distraction. And it often happens that they come from the steam, I thought about it, and would rather lick their pens into her panties to

Mamin method

In sixth grade, I can hardly be called the soul of the company. Not that I'm on their classmates, hiding during breaks in the school library, or running away from the school immediately after the call, and just tried to not stick out too much. Sit in his class, fooling around with all the breaks, sometimes chasing soccer after school, but despite all of this, over the years I did with anybody seriously and became friends. I rarely punished for bad behavior, and academic performance as a whole was not bad subjects, the only exception is exercise. "goose" marches, jumping goat climbing on the ropes and all the others like them, methods of compulsory physical development of schoolchildren I saw pure Nazism, and as he could wriggle out of employment. But no, I liked to climb on the ropes. Athletes have been low, with inspiring muscled forty peasant - Alexander Kuznetsov (I think it is not necessary to explain why his nickname was - Pushkin). At the end of the second quarter

Not children's toys. Part 3

They returned as the sun passed away in the afternoon. The fact that they could lose and it can be great to fly, they do not think. They were good together, easily and freely as has never been. Lanka again ran off the trail and picking flowers on the wreath vitalkin and finally doplela it and put it on his head. And take a good look at him polusprosila-poluskazala: - We are now the bride and groom, right? They Nabes plenty of water, chasing each other, and Kotka picked up plenty of space for all Lankin, and she tried, and finally pulled off his pants, and they just do not get lost in the water until Lanka teased his staff handle, but vsyo still had time to catch them and throw out to the shore. And then I got out to warm up, and lay down naked on the grass, belly up, feet to the shore, slightly parted legs and put up for Kotkino display all its charms. A Kotka hesitate to get out of the water and appear naked in front of her with his vzdryuchennym machine, and she made fun of him

His own sister

It was at my house, my sister's birthday and since she lives with her mother, according to celebrate it came to me! I talk about my sister: she is married to her husband for 3 years she was imprisoned for fraud, brunette, size two breasts and ass fire .... We were drinking, and she decided to make a cocktail I call it memory loss, (vodka, rum, champagne and cola) after drinking a full glass of this hellish mess she is literally in three minutes drunk and I it took to bed, she asked to change her, I took off her shirt and bra and yeah her chest was so beautiful ... but I did not show it I want it very very much .... Back when I was 14-17 years old when I was engaged in masturbation that represented her .... and wearing her T-shirt, I took off her jeans and she was left in a thong .... I saw that they were wet from her ... . it was typical of the wet spot and I accidentally held down her wet pussy hand and sniffed her fingers .... I seemed to hit on the head, I lost control and


Hello. I want to tell the story of my first times. I'm an average guy growth, pretty cute. It happened when I was 17 years old. The yard was autumn and the rain poured down without ceasing to have the time. But suddenly the door someone knocked on the doorstep was a neighbor. It was a woman 27 - 29 years. It turned out that she did not work the TV and can not configure. I agreed to help her. When we ran to her house they were wet to the strings. She offered me a robe of her husband. And she went into the next room to change clothes. I quickly took off his wet clothes and got into a robe. A few minutes later the hostess seemed to her home called Olga. She was wearing a robe, too, like me. I sat on the floor and set up the TV set. Olga climbed onto the couch and pressed her legs. When I looked in her direction he saw that she was wearing no underwear. She caught my eye but not even embarrassed unlike me. How many more will take the work she asked. I've already finished. When I

Moon notes. Part 1

At first I thought that once again caught inflammation of the nasopharynx. How else to explain that in this stinking dirty thoughts nightclub smells fresh sparkling mandarin? But the more I sat at the bar, the more clearly felt it. Blood, published a wonderful aroma, clearly flowed in the veins of the Virgin. Okay, we descend, we'll see. I moved away from the bar and the dance floor in the middle of my head covered this pure flavor. The owner, a young woman, the 22-years old, with beautiful dark eyes and a mop of hair shatenistyh, moved incendiary delights in the center of the circle. What the hell? Would you say that she is innocent? I moved closer to the girl and caught her eye. Alien mind to let me in without problems. The girl named Valeria. She was not drunk, absolutely healthy, and loved to dance. The life she had no sugar, babe came here with his cousin, but he had already dumped somewhere, leading a long-legged blonde. Beside her, I did not see any of the


Once, pausing at a party with our friends, my wife and I stayed with them for the night. Their son Sascha, male 18 years old, had to stay the night with a friend. We were tipsy and immediately, sitting in the next room and undressed naked, asleep. I woke up on what someone entered the room. Opening my eyes, I saw Sasha. He stood beside our bed and excitedly looked at my wife Ilona. Not showing woke up, I looked at his wife. She slept, bent at the knees with one leg and lightly tossing it aside. The blanket was put back and a view on her naked body. It was her shaved pussy is clearly visible, which he rested his eyes. I was excited that she is naked in front of a guy and excites him. I decided to see how it would end. Sasha, thinking that I was asleep drunk, quietly approached the bed and sat down on the side. Satisfied that I was asleep, he reached out and touched the breast of his wife. Slightly having felt it, he put his hand on her pussy. Wife no signs of life, and that

My forbidden lesbian life. Part 2

Since that night we have fun together with Amy often. It seeped into my room almost every night for a new batch of sweet lesbian love. And she started to become a skilled worker in this case! She learned very quickly, and very openly talked about experiments with new things. When she asked my favorite position, I replied that it was to sit on the girl's face and feeding her her pussy. From the day she came to my room, undressed, I lay down on the bed, and in this position I licked. God, it was so exciting, my vagina proceeded in a matter of seconds. All I had to do is take off his pants and panties, and skillful otliza climb to her younger sister sex. Amy just loved most position 69, so we spent a lot of time for night eating peaches each other. It was a real paradise. I think that after a few weeks, mom began to suspect something, not just once, she saw Amy went into my room at night, or come out of it early in the morning. She never said anything, and behaved as before, so

House Call

Once over the winter I really do not grab a little. I'm not renounce to visit the clinic after the terrible event in the hospital (this is what I told the story "At the doctor"). And this time, decided to lie flat to the last. But twisted so much that I cried, nearly fainted from cramps and dialed the emergency number. It took 20-30 minutes, but nobody came. I have already warmed up in his eyes. I even thought that I could just sit here. I decided to escape from the pain. Passed crouched to the bed and pulled out from under the mattress magazine "Crime". The position of the question mark I started to flip through the publication. I came across an interesting article about the rape of women. I thought that if I suddenly say that you either raped or let such pain remains, then I would choose the rape. And even if it would have had to become a woman, I would have agreed to it. And suddenly the pain was gone. I am delighted that so. Just log has a color inset.