The daughter of a diplomat

Like all teenage girls, I wanted to meet her prince and give him an unearthly happiness. My prince turned out to be a young assistant gardener with Apollo the body and brain of the frog with him I lost my virginity and illusions in relation to the male sex. I did not understand that people find in sex and why do so many stupid things because of this, I went to his 16th anniversary. At that time, my father was transferred to the mission in one of the States of Central Africa, and it was decided that the whole family a couple of months will move to it. After finishing his education in the 16 years I have looked nice: tall in his father, almost meter eighty, a good figure, though not 90-60-90, but that God saved in the top 90 and 60, it is more than sacrificed to the lower 90. Curly blond hair and green eyes completed my image. I always behaved decently dressed and not catchy, but the figure always attracted the glances of men. Can not say that I did not want to move from a civilized

Dunmeri Witch.

I-tall and burly Nord, a native of Skyrim. What I did in Morrowind, you ask? I did not know really. I was released from the damp dungeons and abandoned here on the ship, in the port town of Seyda Neen. From Seyda Nina sent to some Kosadesu in Balmora. Of course, received 200 drakes, and I was not going to go to him. Why do I need to carry out someone's orders, when I gave freedom, even if abandoned on Morrowind, Dark Elves land Dunmer. And with these thoughts, I decided to travel. Naidu, a small fishing village near the coast and loans and trade craft. Need money, I will be employed. Such a quiet and measured life always liked me. Walking through Seyda Nina, bought himself Chitin boots, breastplate, and an iron short sword I finally hit the road. I walked along the cobblestone paved road and enjoy the surrounding nature. It took about two hours, as I was walking. I wanted to drink, the day was really hot and I decided to roll closer to the mountains, hoping to find a clue or a

A teacher once gave, and my life changed forever!

Hello, my name is Sergey. It happened when I was 15 years old. I'm 24 now. I went to the 9th grade, and my teacher Svetlana taught Belarusian literature. I'll tell you first about himself and then about her. I was at that time lean physique, his eyebrows at me dense and thick hair on the head, too. The hair on my head is not short, and 10 centimeters in my bangs too long and closes the right eye, and always bang on the right side. Eyes marsh color, that is, they have me sometimes green, sometimes brown, depending on the light, and sometimes brown mixed with green. The nose is straight. A round face. Growth I had about 1 meter 73 centimeters and weighs 52 kilograms. Well, as you know, that I already had, at that time it came puberty and I really wanted to like, perhaps, and many in this age sex. My penis was 13 centimeters. He was hairy. I have worked drocheniem. But not very much finished. Svetlana Alexandrovna was about 30 years old. She was slim. Hair not too

Earth gravity

A young and naked, she lay on the white sheets. ITS enchanting beauty and nakedness aroused desire and excites consciousness, attracted not subject to resistance by force. Our hands passionately entwined in a hot embrace. Slightly open mouth eagerly responded to my kisses. Gently caressing a beautiful, firmer breasts, sucking and biting a cherry swollen nipples, my cock began to take operation. The hand slid over her pubis, thighs, exciting feeling moisture between them. She moaned, eyes closed, tongue licking parted red lips, clutching my head in his hands tightly clasped to her, poking my hair. ITS silent tranquility broken only by labored breathing. Kissing a flat tummy, tickling tongue navel, I sank lower and lower, but when you come to a smooth pubic area is widely spread her legs. - Lord, how lovely, devouring her eyes, I thought. Every time admiring this beauty irresistible desire leaves no opportunity to reject such a sweet magnificence. In front of me opened a

It was in the camp

Hello. My name is Ira, at the time I was 16. I do not like to brag, but I will try to describe. Light brown shoulder-length hair, athletic figure, brown eyes, height 170 cm, weight 50 kg. My dad took a trip to the camp, I was brought there, identified in the squad have shown my room. The room had 4 girls. The same age as I am. But they were strange: one was eating toothpaste, second there Glamorous chicken, and the third from the boy did not tell the difference. But we became friends and everything was normal. We had 2 young counselors Natasha and Vika. Natasha stervochki was good and Vic was. Both figures like me. I then had gastritis and dad asked to counselors watched what I eat. Natasha seriously reacted to this, and Vic let me eat a muffin and something lint, but Natasha did not see it. Near the camp was a river, and we all went swimming squad. There is a small fenced area that would float. For me, this was not enough, I have 5 years to swim team engaged. Well, I floated


Hey. My name is Lena. I am 23 years old and I just graduated from University with a degree, an economist. To work on specialty not take me anywhere, said dekretnitsa future. I needed at least some money, so I bought a newspaper advertisement. I have reviewed a lot of vacancies and just found the right: "Requires slender young woman, polite, with a knowledge of etiquette and office work for the post of secretary. Details by phone. Irina. 8918 ***" I called the number. I replied a pleasant female voice. It was Irina. She invited me to meet at the office. The next day I got up early. I put nylon stockings, short skirt and white blouse. Dim make curls and ochechki gave color to my image. Figure I can boast: slender legs, firm buttocks, slim waist and shapely breasts 3 sizes. I called a taxi and went to the office. I walked through the beautiful halls and found herself in a small room. One wall was completely occupied by a window. In the middle there was a table, a chair as

My wife is a whore

"Hello Dear editors! Hello Stella Albertovna! What should I do? My wife is a whore ' Here are the nuts. I read a lot of letters to the editor, many husbands complaints against their unfaithful wives, more complaints from women on their spouses itinerant, but that's because the forehead - my wife is a whore - it's the first time I had. I work for two years in a popular magazine. Veda column "Psychologist". According to legend, I Stela Albertovna Roerich, a leading psychologist, PhD, corresponding member of something there, a well-deserved ... From the pages of the magazine looks at you burning brunette, with a piercing gaze. Her black as coal eyes like X-ray machine, see right through you. The magazine coming out every month are published the most interesting cases, and the rest I reply by mail. Any reader can get my advice, if you will put a certain amount on a bill. No - the money was not meant for me personally, but the percentage of the ones I have.

Love for fat women

It was during the early 2000s, and cheerful service from Bee-line "via SMS Acquaintance". For the younger generation is self-explanatory: there was a short number from the operator on which to form an inquiry, the one you want and are looking for or by sending an SMS with the text format: "Hello, I am looking for sex", you get the answers! Responses, depending on the operator goodness reached 8 to 20 pieces. After reading and selecting the most interesting, you start corresponding with someone virtual. So. I do not remember that there was already the mood of the day, but always wanted to direct now sex. I sent sms and waited parallel surfing the porn sites. Something occurred, but caught only one SMS-ka. It seemed to me it was not against my will to realize our plans today. Word for word - the conversation began to go on the description of the appearance of each other. I remind you that it was not the time of smartphones and eye-pads - take a photo and send it to

Husbands and Lovers

In my pukah was konvept, vpuchenny my wife. Through pposvechivayuschuyu povephnosti I saw a piece of paper, scribbled below dovephu fine, bisepnym pochepkom. Pposhlogo wife into the bedroom and fell silent there, and I otppavilsya into the living room, and ppezhde than paspechatat konvept long veptel it in pukah, pazmyshlyaya of ppoiskhodyaschem. So, I thought, must be sopientipovatsya in and define a ppoisshedshem to him his attitude ... My wife mapta, koto.puyu I know for many years, has got a lover, while I was in the hospital after a car avapii. And if vypazhatsya more accurately it started as a lover, our new neighbor on the landing. That's not all. His name is Ewald, he kommepsang. Besides the fact I know from the words of his wife that he has this mysterious Ewald incomprehensible magnetism and therefore is able to zavopazhivat women ppevpaschat them into obedient pabyn. Anyway, this is what ppoizoshlo with mapta, a woman, which was then I knew for many years .. It has become


Oh, Humbert-Humbert, garden your head! And what did you find in the youngsters? And most importantly, why has infected the soul of old goats like me, a virus pedophilia? What Lyada you took my rest? I was thirty-two, she - fifteen. I lay in a hammock and carelessly hanging between two pine trees, read "Lolita". Light shade, breeze, beer with pistachios, a pleasant read - what more does a man need to safely overcome a midlife crisis? The book does not excite me: a little too academic, described the feelings of the protagonist. All of these passages, verbal wriggling, metaphorical hyperbole hyperbolic allusion tickled the mind, but did not touch below the waist. Suddenly, I was distracted by the rustle of leaves. I looked up from the book and saw the apple tree near the fence of a neighbor girl. She sat on a thick lower branch, sticking his hand by the barrel. Blond, with skinny braids in different directions, eyes narrowed in a brazen, in a short cotton dress, ragged legs