Sister - mistress

My name is Sasha. I am 16 years, I have a sister, her 15 years, we have the same age. Learning in the same school, the relationship we have nothing more than a friendly, anything can happen, and fought and quarreled, but relatives have relatives. We go to school and home are always together, but in the last week, my sister began to go often after school to her best girlfriend as his home and came very late, just shortly before the arrival of the parents. I'm not very tormented by this question, all the same girlfriend. Okay, that did not bother me, I like all the boys my age I became interested in the opposite sex, and like all the girls probably compared with her sister. During that summer, my sister has changed markedly. From angular teenager began to turn into a pretty girl. Grew noticeably chest, rounded buttocks, legs acquired sexy curves. Dress became not like before, that parents will buy it and wear. Underwear began to buy the tanga thong that. Skirts short sikushki

The secret of all

Hello dear readers resource. If anyone has the time, read. There has been described following a week ago. To be honest, just calm down. But since this is not to discuss with anyone (hereinafter, you will understand why), had to "load" of the information you have. It's about my mother. This home and the loved one. She always tried to give us a warm and protect me and my sister (she is older than me for 7 years and for two years lived with his son abroad). The father is not very good to us, unfortunately, the problem of alcohol is not over, but so many of our families live in humble themselves. So my mom put up and brought me in kindness. She's, well, as, probably, many mothers. She was 55 years old. Height 156 cm Weight 85 kg Well, this mom - kolobochek, tidy. Right kindness itself. Well, I say that you would understand how much I love my mother and how I try to take care not to upset. I know how hard it to his father, how he offends her by word and deed. Anyway.

Sweet kidnapping

Greetings! I Strateg. I hope you remember me. And I am sure - you'll like the story about the kidnapping of a girl. A small room like a prison cell, with a small bed, a toilet and a door were my peace. Naked, bound hand and foot, gagged and blindfolded, I was lying on his bed. I am hearing that someone entered. Heavy footsteps were heard near me. Bass said he had brought food. As defined voice - it was the guard. I mumbled, alluding to the fact that I had a gag in his mouth, and there's so I can not. He laughed. He told me mumble more. Apparently it is exciting. Then I heard the sound of falling clothing. Realizing that it would be now, I moaned louder. Something inside of me resisted this. But at the same time, I felt the excitement. "I was kidnapped, I is connected. Now he enters into me "- only these thoughts swirled in my head. The juice from my pussy drip small droplets. A guard approached and forcefully raised related to the knees and ankles feet. Turning me so

Waldemar named Gosha. Part 6

The apartment occupies the entire top floor of the house. Call lost for different roulade in all its corners. Red light above the door blinked and metallic voice said, "Come in." At the same time the electronic lock clicked, the door opened a crack urging enter the title of the visitor. Value, just cross the threshold, the voice proposed to go straight. Mysterious, half black corridor illuminated by lights as they move forward person. Front lit, back - went out. All this feigned mystery greatly strained George. He wanted to send, and swore an invisible hostess to hell. Finally, he reached the place where she was waiting for him. On the door of flame ran in circles, indicating that it's here. Pushing the door open, he entered. In a small room equipped with devices of unknown kind, girl sitting on a chair. The chair had no legs. At its edges were big wheels. The chair was a wheelchair. On George's face reflected no no feelings. He understood why it was necessary to keep him

Non-clogging perezdachu twos

I'm Lisa and I'm 18, a year ago I lost my virginity, and nothing would be surprising if it did not happen because of the biology teacher, Perth Ivanovich. So, let's begin. I was sitting at the last desk in the 3 series, itself a mine in skirt and blouse (in general, as always). And he called me to the blackboard (I did not know nothing because Mirka, who pulled me to the club on the night). He asked: - What cryptobiosis? - I dont know. - Well, what is a con"yugatsiya? - Eto ... eat ... I do not remember. - Better yet, what is kodominirovanie? - I do not know! - Okay, come sit 2! After class, I went over and asked: - And you can re-take? - Yes, but will retake unusual. - And he winked. - Good. When everyone had gone E were alone and he went over and closed the door. - What are you doing?! - Do not worry baby, I will not hurt you. Ha-ha-ha. - Do not touch me! - The sun, not afraid of a little bit maybe more, and stop if you are a virgin of course. He walked

Mother and son plus ... Part 1

When I was fourteen - he crashed in a car accident, my father - a big businessman, and we continued to live together with my mother. As a young mother was very beautiful, slim, shapely - all the boys in the class just went mad at the sight of her. For thirty-five years of stout, it lost its former attractive shapes. By the time of the death of the pope it was a beefy, with a huge belly and flabby tits, fat woman. On the face, however, it is still quite simpotnaya. Just at that moment, I began to feel a certain maturation, previously unknown forces. In me was the man to wake up, and it is intuitively felt my mother. After the death of her husband she was to seize his business and was doing business quite well, so we are not financially in poverty. We lived in a holiday cottage in a huge three-storey village house. Everyone was, of course, its own bathroom, but my mother long widow's loneliness could not stand. One night, in one kombinashke her short, came into my bedroom. I saw her

Case in Serebryany Bor

For nesolko years since I became a summer visit the nude beach in the Silver Bor. There also happened to me a story I want to tell you ... My name is Alexander, and at the time I was 28 years old. Once, on a hot summer day, I as usual decided to go to Silver Bor to thoroughly soak up the sun and take a dip. To get to the place was pretty tiring, so there was a terrible stuffy, so when I came out of the trolley and went in the direction of the beach, I immediately took off his shirt and continued on his way in shorts. Go to the place has been for a long time and to speed up the way I decided to cut off and walk through the pine forest, which grew up along the beach. The path on which I was wound between the trees. Having gone deep into the forest, I suddenly saw a little bit away from the path along which I was walking, standing naked man 45 years old, in front of him on his knees boy is 17-19 years and enthusiastically sucks dick. They were so passionate about what is happening,

Aunt Helen. Part 2

After the incident in the bath, I immediately went home, I decided to sleep on, and in the morning to go to Aunt Lena and ask her what she would again have sex with me. I fell asleep. not having to wake up, I felt that I had someone sitting opened my eyes I saw my aunt, she sat on my feet and leaned toward me made me a deep, passionate blowjob, I quickly jumped up, she said: - Lesch? What are you doing? I want you, and as you can see by your dear member, you me too - Yes, but, aunt, can do it in your pussy? - What is brisk, but I do not mind - Aunts, maybe get undressed to a goal? - let's After I undressed and my aunt, too, I got down from my bed and said, - you have condoms? - Yes, look in my room, in the bedside table, which is closer to the exit I quickly ran to her room, as very much like his aunt, taking the condoms, I went to my first sex partner - Aunt, how they dress, I just keep them for the first time - Who will show you my nesmyshlnysh She got out of bed and

Hot night

Alain was almost naked and indulge their erotic fantasies involving third-year secretly adored her. She lay on her back nicely apart their slender legs and holding her thin fingers on the clitoris and between sexual sponges. It was very wet, her rosy chink was making smacking sounds. But Alain did not pay any attention to them. Her eyes were closed and his head was covered with hairs on the pillow and a little thrown back. Her white by nature and rather long hair spread out like a pillow desires waterfalls. Sometimes she shuddered and made a sharp and sweet sounds, with her hand then quickly moved along the slits of her, then stopped for a few seconds. In the vagina, it was not included, although it was about a year and was not a virgin, but the old habit was stronger. The first time it was with a neighbor at the cottage, a high blue-eyed, blond 26 years, but it did not go very well, and she did not like the first experience. While the guy was very considerate and did everything as

Waiter and Mrs.

As time went by too fast. Raced away somewhere, like a cat on a domestic dog embittered, down from his eyes. Radislav, immersed in their business with the head, it is not noticed as spring turned to summer, and the summer one day in the autumn velvet. Web in the air smoothly flew right in front of her face, a light pleasant breeze developed her long brown hair, and the evening sun the last time this year drew freckles on her cheeks - all pushed it to ensure that cling to the moment and relax. The last warm days ... She was sitting in her favorite little cafe with a funny name "Coquette". Specially for it carried a table on the street, on the summer terrace, while all visitors prefer to drink mulled wine in the room. And she wanted to break out of the four walls of the box, which haunted her every day: office, home, subway, hotels. On her little table was a stack of papers, and dressed Radislav was too formal for a Saturday night. In his thin fingers twisted it badly