Life in sensations. Reincarnation. Part 1

He pulled 1941. Winter. Countryside - krovinushku. In one hut, cut down for the table were five German soldiers and laughed loudly, steam billowed over their faces, let them know that the hut is not topilos quite some time. Incomprehensible speech and worn fashiskaya form completely unfinished painting "sworn enemy". Evening quiet waning skyline dark ranking military night. The door to the hut creaked open, leaning on the shoulder joint with a smile looked a German officer, the evening sun reflected red blood on his cross, and the "dead head" (icon on the cap), he slowly stepped into the dark room. Five amicably greeted him pulling ahead trembling hands. he came to the table a thick thud and put a bottle of local brew. Those cheerful stained crimson, the soldiers laughed and started to potter about in their bags by pulling back the fat and iron clubs, the first toast was, as a rule, for a "victory". They drank it standing. The yard has already

Rest in Tula

Good evening, I was a young kid, I'm 31 years old, his wife for 28 years and have two children. During these holidays, we gathered to go to Tula to the village to rest. and yes I am a long time did not go to this site but then decided to still write about her may not sbytochnoy desire, the fact is that I really love his wife and not when it is not changed and the thought was not, although I prefer it for me of course, and in fantasy with my wife during sex is often present as I had with a man alone or are we a couple, or as it with a woman. wife like a woman and she does not mind having sex with a woman, but it will be about her mom I want a woman to her I inexplicable feeling, I want it even though I love my wife. N. mother in law called her 50 years, and very sexy. The chest is not big with large papillae and I want them to suck a long long time. N. knows about my desires, and when even wrote that he wanted me. N. wife guesses and maybe knows all but silent. So we eat a

Red summer

Summer 1985, in the fall I was 14 years old, and I still was not even the girls. Begged his parents to send to summer camp in the third shift, I was hoping that there seeking. Last week in the camp, but I found only friends, and the girls were little, and not all the ones that I liked. Throwing a bad search girls dream I just relaxed, I enjoyed camp life away from home and parents. In a dream an hour I was lying on the bed reading "Three Musketeers". Counselor looked, looked, everyone was asleep except me. Whispering called me to him and asked to carry plates to the dining room. Taking a bag with the dishes, I walked slowly to the dining room. During sleep hours it was quiet in the camp. Past the pines was a two-story building and went inside. It was quiet, walked around the room, looked at the transfer. - You're one guy? - A plump woman in a white coat came up to me. - The plates were asked to include - I put the plates on the table. - Ah, come on. Look, you're down

Kondrat Sex with aunt Lina

Crystal rays of the June sun poured abundantly spacious kitchen delicate cream color. Basking in their generous flows from Swedish plates "Indesit" quickly, but without too much ado was operating the hostess of the hut - 40-year-old Lina Vlasovna. At the table is covered with a wide blue tablecloth, sat 42-year-old head of the family, G. Gregory. As usual, sitting in the center, he humbly waited for cabbage soup with cream, which this time his wife was preparing not only for him, but for him to suddenly arrived nephew, 22-year-old student Kondrat. - And how did you come to us, greenhorn? - With interest looking at a small guest cunning eyes light brown eyes, he asked Gregory G.. - I Hope for the summer? His voice was deep strong tone of the seasoned sailor, to whom fearless sorts of elements of nature. - Yes, Gregory G., - mumbled Kondrat muslin voice. - I want to completely escape from the city. - Well, let's you and I go fishing and cut in ramp - he winked, and added

I'm sorry, brother, the lot fell

She fucked for the third, and I just stood there, I was put - naked, kneeling convent-house with her body lying in front of me ... And it all started so banal and stupid. We were going to bed, and as always I was lying naked under the blanket and waited for her to come to me out of the bathroom. Then the doorbell rang. - Who's there - I heard her voice. In response, muffled through the door: - Plumbing, emergency gang. You fill up the neighbors. A soft rustle in the hall - clothes dressing gown, I realized, then the sound of the lock being opened, its short scream and suddenly the voices, the tramp, some men burst into my bedroom pulls off my bed and dragged into the hall. Almost immediately, the door we come to it. Rather them. It is - in fact raspahnu-robe, and they are - it is pressed to the carpet and squeeze her naked body. How many of them, I do not understand, but I see that many people, seven, eight. Four crucified her a star on the carpet, someone squeezes her

Old friend

It was in the evening. I sat in his office and was not expecting anyone. Cool designer, they work for quite some time. That's my business, I decided at the age of 13 years. I'm quite happy with my choice. Now I'm 28, I'm successful, budding, young, beautiful. I figure that it is necessary - will never stay unnoticed among men. I'm proud of her, constantly I keep fit in the gym. However, colleagues at work often stick, tired already, but it can be endured. It's late, it's time to go home. Of course, scheduled to sit still for two hours, but what can you do? All the same, so customers will not be. I collected things, when I heard a knock at the door. I was pretty tired, but the work is, the work will have to admit. The door opened, came a young man, 20-25 years of age. On his face was a strange glow. Breathing was more frequent and severe. I recognized him as his old friend by correspondence. - Stepan - he introduced himself. - Daria - a little surprise I replied. She got up from the

How I became the father of his sister.

I was 15 years old. We only with my class finished school, went to nature to celebrate graduation with my parents siblings, etc. The day we spent just one bang. And of course we drank considerably. We returned home with his mother at 11 o'clock in the evening. I have to say that as far as I could remember his father I did not. Well, here we are back with their grief in half undressed, we went into the shower at a time and go to sleep. Hour at 3 am I was awakened by the fact that someone was stroking me and jerked my cock. At first I did not understand a dream to me is true or someone turns me (at the time a girl I have not yet). When I opened my eyes, I could not believe it, my mother was sitting next to me completely naked and fondled her breasts 5th size. - Mom, what are you doing? - I asked, puzzled. - Dim, you're an adult and you need a woman, and I have 10 years there was no man. Kindly give your mother caresses. - Maaaaam ... - Not my mother, and I'm here Ale. And what is

Who than I am? Part 2

I woke up lying on Gigo. He was asleep, snoring. Lying on his stomach head, I thought a lot. And what if they find out about this? I know that does not focus on one raze - I liked it. It's probably even better than to fuck with a man. Parents are more often at work than at home. Therefore, it is unlikely they're caught me. There has come the next day. All night Gigo slept, never arose, of course, he was so tired. I yearned to continue. When he came into the kitchen I saw that Gigo begging on the street. I decided I'm going - take a walk, do not be worse. Let's go with him in the field, which was not far from our area. Come on, Come on. Ghigo, dragged me into the bush. Here I have slipped the idea. Here I can get its continuation. After looking around and make sure that no one near there, I took off her shorts and panties. She got cancer. Ghigo, walked over, sniffed my butt and ran away. Again I ran, sniffed - escaped. The third time he finally smelled good. And he began to lick my

It's hot ... Snow ... January (New Year)

Mama. Mom. The most desirable woman in the world. Only that her fucked 4 guy. On her sleeping face was half-smile. The blanket was put back. She lay on her side, and on the buttocks reddened trace left slap Igor. Having a sperm four males mom fully satisfied them. She likes to be the one that causes the male members to get up to finish. I like to feel their confidence. My God! How? How can this be? I never tired of asking yourself these questions. My head does not fit what just happened. In the hallway, he flicked the switch - apparently, or Oksana or Alain woke up. I quickly went over and how you can silently into his room. Oksana peacefully asleep. I fell asleep, barely touched the pillow ... - Climbing, sleepyhead ... - Oksana pushing me hard. - An hour of the day. - Wow. It's time to go. - I regret I murmured. Not really want to leave, I do not sleep. But he had to be collected. - Yes. Let's get dressed. Mom already preparing a meal. We eat and go. Hmm. Right deja vu

Gift for Santa Claus

During the Christmas sales, I worked as a Santa Claus at the local supermarket. In general, this year for me was terribly bad. My wife, with whom we have lived for nearly twenty years, went to the guy younger, I was laid off to reduce staff, and a snack doctor said that I have high blood pressure (wow, I wonder why would it?). And believe me, the last thing I wanted - this work Santa - give joy and gladness heap vile offspring. But the choice was not anything else I needed a job. Any. The first day was terrible. The whole body was scratched from the bloody suit of fake beard hair and strive to get into your mouth, but fortunately I met someone, who returned me to the festive mood. Her name was Sheila, a student of twenty years, who worked with me as a Christmas elf. The slender blonde, a smile which in his pants at any man begins in the spring. I took one look to stock up on it, though I was fit to be her father! Sheila was a very nice girl and nice helped me on the first day,