Once in school toilet

I want to share my real episode from the life that I often remember. Some may understand me. It was in the high school years, I studied in the eighth grade, not so long ago. At school I was a nerd, very shy, a little thin, and wore glasses. In our school students he was toilet cubicles and without any partitions, represent - toilet for boys looked like this: there are almost 2 toilets nearby. I always hesitate to defecate there, even on the small not to mention more. Tried to go to the toilet during lessons to write when there is almost no one was, at the time of change is always there were the boys from my class and other classes. The toilet was also a place for high school students smoke. Smoked same place where the toilets were. And one autumn morning, sitting in the classroom, I felt that I had a stomach ache and strongly wanted to defecate. At first I thought to take time off and go home from school, but I was afraid that will not have time to run and crap one's pants in the

Long-time contract. Part 6

The story contains scenes of futanari on male. Solely on the fans. For the first time Liliana and Silvia was unable to get to the center magsvyazi In the day it was closed to visitors. But in the announcement, it was stated that the next day they will be working as normal. - Lily, you do not need me to handle? - Sylvia suddenly asked, when they were almost on the spot. - And then I had one urgent matter ... - What you may still be the case in an unfamiliar city? - Asked Liliana, but she waved her hand. - However, you can go wherever you want - it is unlikely there will be a need to wring the neck of anyone. But, once inside, Liliana regretted his decision. Break to the boss magsvyazi Inkor managed with great difficulty, been too many who want to get an extraordinary session is a direct link. Even just send a message to another town was a problem. Liliana had to use its full range of small tricks and even a jewelry elbow in the stomach to go through a long line of evil and

Family business. Continued. Part 3

Entering the "consultation", Timka with his mother went to the dressing room, where safely surrendered their belongings. Then, leaving his son sitting on the couch, her mother went to the reception to get their medical records. Timka carefully studied the "corridor spaces of" medical facilities where men are reluctant to start up, but seeing that he was a "lady", it turned a blind eye. In the corridors is a woman with big bellies, and they all carried their purses hanging on a bent arm. Women were different. And Timka made for myself several discoveries about women. The first was that they were all similar in demeanor, when it came to fashion. And second, that they are willing to become pregnant as early and later in life, for nature took its. He carefully examined the mothers passing, especially the stomach and butt rolls. Watching them, he tried to guess what the one or the other was passing under the outerwear. Here, for example, is a woman, thirty

Kukold Boss

Nicholas went to this one in the evening in the VIP-Club. He was very pleased with the present day. It was possible to bend under him another small businessman. His firm grew stronger with each passing year. Ten years ago, when he was twenty-five guy opened a shop selling construction materials. Nicholas was lucky. Large construction firm almost immediately went out to him, because that it was interested in, was only in this company. The order was a big plus builders have paid good advance to ensure that they are able to store material. Business Man immediately not only went to the top, and flew. Within six months, instead of the 5 person staff was 50. He bought several warehouses and shops in other businesses, putting their directors. Three years later, Nicholas had a separate office, and now he's managed by his company, deciding only global issues. Luck and steel acumen made him a successful businessman. Was zhstok with their staff, when not mastered or made mistakes, but all

Rodstvenichki. Lover group debauchery and domination

It was in the house Armyakovyh another room, which is a real debauchery. It Victor's wife Elena, a tall woman with unusually long legs, grace and beauty which could be the envy of many women in the world, corrupting the two friends of Nicholas - the son of her husband's sister. Volunteered after the stories of Nicholas to visit him. Nicholas said yes and brought them to his home. But the guys could not imagine what will pay for their desire. Elena was dressed in a red suit virtually solid silicone. It was only two notches. In the first case they were cut-outs for its perfectly round silicone breasts fourth the size. In the second - the cut to the pope that the woman was disproportionately large, again due to the silicone inserts. Elena stood beside the bed with a leather whip in his hand and watched the two guys. Strong and hairy Kostya and puny in silly glasses Lenya lay on the bed and to each other in 69 pose sucking dick. they have already had to fuck girls, but only

My favorite mother-in-law mother Kate. Part 3

I want to continue the story itself. How was my life in the family of my girlfriend with whom I met. I, as I wrote in the first part, I loved to come to their home for a visit and go to the bathroom, which is not erased to enjoy Tiffany's panties, Ekatiriny Alekseevny and panties Luda, my girl, and her younger sister Tanya. Once again, I repeat, that one day, her sister consumed me, at that moment when I was sitting on the toilet with his pants down to launched, jerked himself a member of cowards her mother while still and sniffed her panties. After all, she called me and everyone expressed their opinions, mother-in-law decided to punish me. A penalty was the fact that she put my mouth to the penis-in-law, fathers Sergei. And because I felt sorry for them, I am without upiranie sucked daddy dick. Luda and Tanya also learned that I was sucking my father's dick. When I went home in the evening, I was most afraid of, they tell my parents and Luda will no longer meet with me. But

Games in the school

Games in the school part 1: A secret lair. - -- It happened a long time ago. I at least I was 12 years old. Then we have with Artem and Vadim school had its lair. That's how I remember ... One day I decided to change into a girl and that I got. When I walked into our den, then pounced on me and Artem Vadim. I felt in the fall, as the their members excited. - Hello stranger. What are you doing here, - said Artem - Yes, I'm brand new here and just heard about your lair, well and went to check. - Well, you're not that. Stay sit. Without thinking, I sat next to them, and in five minutes and Artem Vadim climbed to me. - Are you kidding me. Let me - I barely pulled out from them - Well stay. Without hesitation they povolili me on the floor and Vadim started to take off my tights. - And let her undress before the goal - Artem asked. - Come on. And they started to pull off my shirt and jacket, and soon I was lying in a bra and panties. Vadim lay closer to her panties and

In the park

My name is Sveta. I was 14 years old. brunette. hair just below her shoulders. chest size first. slim. looks attractive. It was summer. in the school where I studied was a very nice guy from the 11 Class. he sang. his voice divine. all the girls were drying on it. and I was not like that before. we with my girlfriend used to go to the park near the school. to smoke. since nobody in the park almost never it was the perfect place. and then one of these days, I went to smoke. I went to the very depths. He took out a cigarette and a lighter. Lighter stubbornly refused to light up but still I lit. and then I heard noises. I thought this is my friend. and started screaming that she was here. but when I saw the frightened Roma. He threw a cigarette and wanted to run. but it caught up with me and grabbed. and I said, why did you start smoking? You were such a sweet and good. that happened to you? I say, how do you know? you and I never talked. he says, I know all about you. you I like you

Week sweet hell. The first day

INTRODUCTION One day, I'm a wife and a child, were returning from a walk. Once on the street, we got into an argument with his wife. When we entered the apartment, he reached the peak. I flew into a rage, raising his voice. My wife looked at me wide-eyed. Then I heard the click of her fingers. I was like lightning pierced. I realized what had happened, looked down, apologized and stopped. How could I forget ... all section, the child had gone to his room. I still did not look up. Then the wife slapped me a resounding slap. It happened. I sucked in his stomach. I do not know what experience more: joy or fear. The fact is that normal sex with my wife, we began to pall. We then tried a lot already. And once we tried the theme femdoma. In the mild form. I crawl on my knees, kissed the feet wife, made by order of Cooney, lick anus, she slapped me a couple of times. A couple of times it is practiced. It has brought us both crazy. After that was a crazy sex. Then we have been reading

Invaluable experience

Xenia was an ordinary blonde with short hair, a narrow waist and big puffy cheeks, like two balls of jelly. Ksenia diligence and did not differ in working time preferred to sit back, despite the warning of strict boss, and once received from her curious remark about the report: - Flog you need to, Ksenechka bad you with math! - How to ... smack? - And just like that, tied to a bench and have a good young birch spoiled your ass, holnuyu regale! Xenia took note of the word boss in the office. She possessed an interest in spanking. Zhirnenky, appetizing ass Susie did not know, not that the rod, and a belt. She decided that should remedy this omission, and began to search the internet, who would it introduced with rods. The search ended rather quickly. Ksyusha intrigued ads from couples from Novosibirsk, who was invited to brighten up leisure flogging "two hands." On the phone it immediately warned that the bars for her own whipping it must prepare itself and that they