Maksimkin summer, or "first joy"

From the author: This series of stories based on my personal memories and my experiences. I transferred the action in the old days, because I believe that the story must be the beauty, poetry, and it simply a description of who is where and what put that experienced at this. Romance, piquancy, lack of coarse vulgarity - that's what I was trying to achieve. I hope I did. I now present to you the first story of the series. Then there will be others. Maksimkin summer, or "the first of joy." Maxim, a twelve year old gentleman, sitting alone in his room. On a rainy autumn evening had nothing to do. The boy remembered the summer, looking dreamily out of the window, sitting on the couch. He held his hand between her legs and her fingers went through his testicles. Every man and his habits: someone rubs his nose with emotion, someone confused, licks his lips. Maxim loved moments hesitation thrust his hand into his pants pocket and hands to touch his testicles or slightly delay

Pleasant memories of childhood-3

1. Natasha (start) ... In July 1998 I went to the village to her mother's sister - Aunt Natasha. I was traveling with a firm desire to fuck any adult cow. The bus was shaking on the road so that I have time to think, if my balls come off. Two hours of this trip were worth enormous fatigue. And when my friend and I arrived in the village, we did not want anything other than rest. We were greeted by Aunt Natasha - my mother's sister. She worked as a milkmaid at the farm. She soon married and has managed to give birth to three children. Two sons studied in Moscow, and my daughter went to Kaliningrad. Aunt Natasha was 42 years old. Her large breasts with large nipples heaving over at least more before with a slightly bulging bosom of Venus. Slightly bulges and perhaps distended abdomen after three genera and wide hips, gently wag walking, talking about the right structure and the right pelvic birth without surgical intervention. Pasha at the sight of Natalia widely opened his mouth


I have a lot of fantasies. But the one I visited recently with particular intensity) I really like my boss, just to distraction. He is dedicated) Out of time. All are gone, and we're left all alone. I specifically invented for some urgent business to be alone with you. Well what can I help myself if I have recently prevented from thinking about anything else but you. Standing next to you, breathing in the smell of your perfume, which is mixed with the scent of your skin, look at those beautiful hands, long fingers tapped nervously on the table, you raise your eyes to me, embarrassed smile, as if in some way to blame me. What you said? I can not hear anything, I am sick, I have a fever, and I'm crazy ... Force yourself to turn away, walk over to the closet and reach for the folder to the very top shelf, I hear your breath behind him, your hand falls on my hand: "Let me help. " This is a touch of hot hands, ah, I feel that my panties already soaked in the head one thought:

Cases of bygone days

And just because all that will be discussed - the absolute truth, then I am forced to change the names. I do it for the sake of the woman, who is sitting next to me, and in any case is not ready to make public its own name. Let's call it - Jeanne. I threw on the grounds that after twenty years of marriage, my wife began to treat sex as a business. The formula was as follows: give - give! At first I did not attach much importance, but also to pay for sex was beneath my dignity. Then she was ready to kill myself for, but the train has left. Looking back. I dare say that in all my (albeit not very big) years, I've had quite a few relationships. Five - six women. With Jeanne, I met her friend, with whom I am after a divorce I had sex. This I begged her husband ... fun? I called her - Kurgan, because of the size of women in ancient times set up on the mounds. I pray to her I was not going to, but to satisfy her extravagant sexual appetite was ready. Then, on my own, even without

Give a woman the freedom and excitement husband

Tatiana and have been married for more than 10 years. And all married like normal, but where it had happened to that thrills, there was more than some sort of routine. I hasten to say that it has got me a virgin, and we live in a sexual life to 14 years. Fuck it in full, but only with me in this 100% sure was yet most do not want to give her rasslabon. I always saw in her eyes, just like a dog, the desire to give it a try someone else's dick. In principle, I myself did not mind and even more wanted her to uboltat MZHM or at least the swing, and one day my work was given a ticket for the May holidays at the campsite in the mountains. We were going to go together, and then I got sick like that, and frankly perehotelos, so invited her to go herself. She first broke down for decency, but her burning eyes I saw that she was waiting for me just resolution. In short when they began to collect it on the road, I'll put it in her bag of condoms and 5 note. "can be used for other

My dreams cbylis

Hello! I want to tell a story that happened to me recently ... My name is Ivan and I am 15 years, I consider myself bisexual because I was not very lucky with the girls, as soon as I start dating a couple of days here and throw vychityvaya of sex stories that the type of "When his cock was in me, I felt unforgettable feelings" and here I decided at home to try anal sex with toys, in the beginning I fingers, then carrots, cucumbers, but it's not appropriate, and as that time going to the host . shop I saw the candles are well, I think they shall try ... All I came home from the store, I was lucky there was no one at home) Went to the toilet ... (relieved) Candle lie down in warm water (it has become soft) I'm a little bit rounded end of the candle, let her cool down ... and I began to imagine poke here and there I was very pleased, I thought then that it is bliss and that I was doing during sex, I liked this activity (well, and now sometimes alone sometimes do!) it was very

Hot Ass

Hello everybody! Who are interested in the topic of incest want to tell how I fucked your mother. I just knocked 14 dnyuha me in November, I like all the boys certainly have suffered from masturbation and thoughts were mostly about fucking. There were of course a group sex, but to be honest I'm not a big buzz felt. When you approach the third or fourth to obkonchennoy drunken whore, fuck her like a robot, then Rzeszow with boys and heaped praise on her, and he comes home and masturbate, imagining how sweet pussy lick clean as tuck her, and she asked: "let me fuck nice, but I feel so good "But what do I thought this only happens in the story until one day just after dnyuhu I broke my leg. This is where the fun began. I live in a small town with her mother, sister, she is 6 years older and is now studying at the Institute of lives in the regional center, my father was killed in a car accident when I was 10 years old. Mother greatly grieved, my sister and I have experienced

Last Sunday in October

How beautiful all the same this life! I'm only 23 years old and from next Monday, I take a job in one of the most prestigious companies! Finally, I gain financial independence, the lack of which severely lacked me lately. Inability to invest in their pleasure deprived me not only independence from their parents, but generally limited the rest of my inner freedom, which is the second, as the need a young guy, to begin their life after a few years of the Institute and all the fuss for hiring. Last Friday, in the personnel department of my new company finally issued all the documents related to the hiring, but warned me that still need one more important thing. The company must be sure of my full physical health and, as is customary, I will need to pass baseline medical examination in the clinic attached to them, or even more precisely - in the med.kabinete which experts receive additional salary from my company, under the concluded contract. It is a logical requirement because I

As I had forced

(Revelation stories to her husband) Calls my beauty, - You'll come soon? It does not matter, it's a requirement. I'm going home to my beloved after a two-week trip. We met ... We waited open-close, but it was necessary to put the kids, but they do not come off from me, it does not come off from me my baby. Finally all went to sleep. I closed the bedroom, turned on the porn and waited for his goddess. All the kissing and making sure that the children had gone, she knocked softly. I opened - she went, not made yourself !!!!!!! I'll describe it and everything will be clear why I adore her so - Beautiful brunette chic cool hip, round, taut but supple ass teasing. She enjoys spectacular dress, if dress pantsuits - look no tear - front seam of trousers, and usually all (all styles) her pants, clearly separates her womb in two halves - just two big shameful, protruding lips with his shafts at the sides, and vaginal center and clearly separates divinely beautiful seam trousers, drowned


To meet the cow returning from the herd, it was always Kolkinoy duty, because in the evening he went to the end of the street. Cows mooing and fanning tails of gadflies, pylili already on the road, hurrying home. Zorka, seeing the host, fell out of the group and and trotted to meet him. Kolka remained just walk behind her, her postgivaya Whip gently, so as not to fond of the grass that grew the edge of the road, as if the cow did not ate for the day. Today it was like all, as always, but not quite. Kolka drew attention to the fact that Dawn somehow nervously twisted his head and an unusually invitingly lowed. And out of the tail of her braid hung adherent mucus from the hair, causing the base of the tail, and it was wet. Concerned by what he saw, Kolka touched the tip of the whip of the mucus. Zorkin reaction was very unexpected for him: Dawn somehow suddenly swung stopped, lifted her tail and bent back. In Kolka head flashed a stray thought, which immediately responded his penis,