The evening sun is already slightly gilded crowns of trees, when a roadside cafe noisy and together the three young men and a woman came out. Nikolai Chernyshevsky, Toll Brawlers and Kostya Blackbeard took turns telling jokes their companion Masha. After a hot summer day at the lake were all a little tipsy already, so the jokes laughed at everything, even the always gloomy Kostya Blackbeard. Home to go yet nobody wanted, and the weather cleared up in earnest, the second week of Petrograd pleasing tropical temperatures and lack of rain. Slowly moved to the lake; after abundant libations all revealed a desire to swim again. Approached. Examined. A narrow trail led straight to a small gangplank and ... - into the lake. Of course people in this hour was gone. - And, let's not just swim - suggested Nikolai, looking askance at Masha. - Anatoly for !!! - Brawlers cried and began to pull off his pants, not allowing room for any objection. - And what about Mary? - Said Konstantin

On the starship

- I do not know the lady, but fulfill your request seems to me simply impossible ... I have no idea how to approach, who suggest that ... - said Chief of Staff Tempe spaceport after a leisurely scrutiny of thoughtfully-companion. - Did not find any spare equipment at such a common ship class? - I asked in surprise starship captain "Louful", Shaking her black hair that covered the entire shaped collar and insignia on the left shoulder. - No, - experienced administrator corrected wanders tie and held his palm on his bald head, smoothing the sparse scrub the oil brilliant that remained. - Professional-something techies we have plenty. Just who else would agree to fly with you? You are not the first of your company, please contact us with such a request. Never wanting to go. Everybody remembers the case when ... - We have an urgent cargo. Devil's emergency landing! Technician lying in a local hospital. We must be in place for - the fees are high. Before Mangosta and again


Hello everybody. You probably know me I hope. Here you decided to write a new story and look forward to your estimates and statements. Email me at the address [email protected], I will wait for your letters, I will answer all the possibilities. Also looking for friends and friends of interest to the dog, well, you know what I mean, we share tips, letters, stories, istoriyami.Eta story happened in the summer, when the sun was hot so strongly that I wanted to undress and throw off all my clothes. Marina was the name of our heroine, was still a young girl: a little boring, very skinny, dark long hair, which was slightly below the shoulders and chest of the second size. Was it a little more than 14 years, and like all the girls dreamed of a prince, was still a virgin, and she loved to masturbate under a blanket when went to bed. She loved to penetrate with a finger in her ass and rubbing his kisku.Ona went to her grandmother in the village on a summer vacation and have a good time with


I want to tell his true story of how I lost my innocence and the rest of life, and I was now 60, was a fan of everything related to sexual relations between men and women, and all pleasant, which is associated with it. There were the fifties of the last century. I was only 6 years old. Summer was fine. Vacation, I - Leningrad boy, as always, spent in a village in the Ukraine. Like many of my peers in the summer all day long chase through the surrounding fields and woods and the house appeared only to eat and sleep. Places around were great, I had a lot of friends. Across the road from the house begins the forest, where in the bush we were nooks and where we usually were making tents, dugouts, playing "the war"- In short, carefree spent their "vacation" time. The best my friends were neighborhood children - brother and sister (Tania - my same age and Peter, younger than us for 2 years). Then one day, on a hot July day, we with Tatyana and several rural children

My "sports"

I do fitness in the evenings, as it strengthened its forms. After one of the training as usual went to the shower (for women), and there was no water there. I go to the manager - because they say so where the water. He explained - has long been a problem in any way we can not fix it, but if you want free and there is no one in the men's soul. Do nothing - had to agree. Came, undressed and stood under the shower, suddenly a voice - The back rub? I turned around - a young man standing and, judging by his pants, too. I quickly turned off the shower and went to his clothes, and Man sent to hell. Fortunately for me, he came out of the shower and I hastily wiping began to dress. So soon as I pulled the panties and bra in her hands, the door opened and this guy came with his friend and said: - You do not have to rush to dress! I materkom on them, and one of them jumped dramatically, took me to the back of his hand and began to hold. The second act began - came up and immediately took my


Start. His aunt (with unrelated parties) the first time I saw a woman in years 11. Then they moved to our city and settled in a nearby house. From how soon this I remember only that immediately drew attention to her gorgeous, soft outlines of his chest. When you embrace me something straight pushed towards them, and as if I accidentally buried his face in it. A light blouse I felt their warm elasticity and unique scent of a woman. I immediately blushed and stepped back awkwardly. This I remember firmly. Here is a brief description of it. Then she was thirty years old, of medium height, her short brown hair framed a pretty face. Eyes are brown, elegant nose, beautiful lips. The skin is smooth and dark. A body - a feast for the eyes. Large breasts, female belly with navel charming, long graceful legs, and, of course, attractive, sexy ass. All this of course I carefully considered when we first went to the lake. We swam, and several times I accidentally found himself next to her,

Embodiment reality 3

Soon after I went to work in a construction company, I was sent to inspect the construction of our plant in Turkey. Routine work, loneliness and lack of thrills - all this impelled me to the extreme. By mid-summer I managed a good tan and my body demanded ognya.Odnazhdy, returning from work, I finally decided. Cottage house where I lived was near the construction site. The complex was almost built and were only finishing work. It was a warm summer evening. After showering, I began to be engaged in the care of the body. Carefully whole body shaved machine. Lubricate body "milk." Intimate place smeared with aromatic oils. He undid the bag and began to pack. Took a tight white short dress half hips and a sleeveless, which not so long ago bought in a boutique, cream over medium-heeled sandals and my well-worn black wig "square". I took a pre-chilled in the refrigerator a bottle of champagne, a pack of wet wipes and everything is neatly folded in a bag. In the pocket of

On the lesson

Hey. I want to tell you one istoriyu.Eto happened when I was in 10th grade. We Lyalya, my classmate has repeatedly had sex. This usually happens after the evening gatherings with wine and playing the guitar in the courtyard or after parties, such as the birth of someone's home. I already felt and experienced male ready to fertilize in the silence of the night thousands of young devushek.Tak here, we sat in the classroom of physics, in the back row in the darkened corner and listened to the old Jew, who taught us physics. It was terribly boring, and we quietly played with Lyalya in the cards, "a fool." This entertainment was not much interesting lectures, but still more suited to us. It was the middle uroka.Vdrug Lala abruptly turned to me and bent down and whispered in my ear that she wanted me. On that, I said that to satisfy her as soon as lessons end, and we'll go domoy.- Your ancestors, he's not at home? - Asked I. 'You do not understand a fool, I want you right

Molesters. Part 3 incestuous

Lustful and lascivious thoughts increasingly occupied our boy. He is now doing a lot of self-satisfaction, remembering their sexual adventures. Eugene, he has not yet seen, and he did not care all that rigmarole. Recently somehow changed his behavior, the parents did not notice anything, once, but lately classmates made fun of him. He comes into the classroom, and he said: "And here came Pasha". Or even rougher, as is common in school children. It is unlikely that any of them really knew what was going on in the boy's life, probably just subconsciously felt a change in the Pasha. Noticing these things, the student decided to still go, became parents to drop brains. He is generally disliked, but not strongly resisted: Pasha was considered independent, intelligent boy, so listen to his opinion. Yes, to be honest, he always did what he wanted, and he did not want to do - the life of me - not force. Therefore, it was funny to hear from their friends, were considered

Tipping the weekend. Part 1

Almost a month ago, after graduating from the pedagogical, Natasha came in the direction of the school number 231, which was immediately due to lack of teachers assigned homeroom teacher in 10th grade "A". The first three weeks passed almost unnoticed. Meeting with the teaching staff and students, as well as the entrance to the course of affairs took a lot of time, but there were not a burden. But today, on the last school day of the fourth week, something happened that turned upside down the whole it seems to be a well-established longer life. But more about that later. At eight o'clock in the evening, as it was said today, the bell rang. Natasha, in a short light dress with a deep cut on his chest, holding my breath, opened the door. Guy Schwartz & Garden (strangely it came to mind their nicknames, not the names) were on site at the open elevator. All three smiled, realizing that she was entirely theirs. Turning, Guy - "chapter" This trio - made Natasha