Do not shoot. Part 2. (11 of 21). Katya and Natasha

In the bathroom, he bought up, I decided to rinse things off the beach when crept Andrew. At first I thought it was Alex, but, remembering his sleepy state, I immediately guessed who it is. My posture was for him, it is better than you can imagine. I stood there, leaning into the bathroom, naked booty to the door. He immediately stuck behind me, clutching my hands. - Who here such a cool ass ... that's posture. I otbrykivatsya from him, but he dropped his shorts, Tipo: - You wash them yet, but I'll help you back, still complain Lehi, you insult me, - jokes aside, but I felt his risen member. I knew he was going to fuck me in the bathroom, when I fall asleep Lesha room. I felt that I even liked the idea. I spread her legs wide: - Come on already, manak! Realizing my consent, he peeled himself away from me, became Nestle helped move my hands on the far edge of the tub against the wall, legs spread even wider. One of his legs had remained on the floor, he placed second at the near


... Recently, he often preferred to use to satisfy the insatiable cave arm instead of his beloved member. First she took a whole two fingers, then three ... four ... and now all beloved brush slips into her womb, is turned inside and out. then again immersed, and so on ad infinitum, incredibly stretching the entrance and causing her to convulse. and it took a tree to be desired his entire palm, receiving from this barbaric affection unearthly pleasure! after several months of training her sexual organ has changed: the vagina was spacious, and the entrance - elastic, degradability and welcoming. slot darkened. already plump outer lips become even bigger, as it were massive. now they had not closed all the way around the cave of love - it will forever remain an open bottom, ready to take a man into the fold ... her ass is not behind the pussy. Now he daily drilled their largest member of its rear entrance. at the moment when he penetrated her anus, she felt ashamed of her zhkuchy fall.


The first time I was at the time studying at the military university in Ukraine. The company we had great guys from all over the USSR. The leader was a Tatar from Ufa, Rustam. Athletic build with a loud voice prankster and joker. One day I received a leave at the same time with another guy, Oleg. Oleg lived nearby, on a farm and offered to go, revel in it. I agreed. Time spent at the level of: blonde, vodka, sauna. Before going to bed, and lay down a smoke on the terrace. Almost fell asleep, I felt thigh Oleg, was next. Instinctively, I rubbed on her by a dick and suddenly Oleg turned his back on me and huddled. My cock got full. Earlier, at home, in Kokand we boys used to rub against each other and jerked off, but no one turned ass, all valued his manhood. -You're joking, or do you want? Olezhka admitted that much is going through because of a gambling debt Rustam. He lost a lot of money to him, and when he wanted to recoup lost even his ass. Oleg offered me all of himself in

Copro-sanatorium for boys

It turns out that regular passive anal sex, coupled with fecal massage helps as a great stimulant of almost all diseases. And an experimental teenage anal scat-dispensary. I - frail sickly 12 year old lad. Parents desperate to cure me of all sorts of colds and other illnesses, given there for treatment, especially since not only does not need to pay, but also parents dispensary he pays decent money, t. To. As trainers and scat donor sponsors. The selection of the sponsor quite strict: it can only be a man no older than 50 years, always athletic, good-looking and with a good size penis - at least 20 in length and 4 in width. At the same time in dispensaries shoot for sponsors and abroad exclusive porn movies. Also sponsors dispensaries are trainers and doctors: young cute guys specially selected with the largest and beautiful huyami erection. Their task: to prepare the boy to have sex with the sponsor, ie razebat it points to a state of pussy, but, more importantly, to learn to finish


Today is Friday and all the talk only about the upcoming drunk. I know how it ends for me. For all pretty drunk and going home. - Pretend that you leave - he whispers in my ear. - And then come back. I do not know, why do not I leave all, and dutifully going back to the office. He is waiting for me sitting on our "bed". - Drink will be? - I have shakes his head. - Come to me - he asks. I walk over to him and asked with a sneer: - (What do you want?). - You know ... - and, grabbing the arm, pulls me to him. I hug his neck and clung to him all over. We kiss for a long time, at this time he takes off my shirt and deftly unbuttoned my bra. Then he breaks away from my lips and begins to caress my nipples. That they, biting, then licking it excites them so that between my legs to become hot, and I start to moan with pleasure. Then he lifts up my short skirt and admires that opens before his eyes. I always shave my pussy and was not wearing panties. He lays down on me

Hot summer of Samarkand. Part 1

Some people do not like our summer, hot summer of Samarkand, but for me, this is the most pleasant time of the year. Mountains of fruit and crowds, raznoyazyky crowd and a lot of good bargains and interesting news, girls in light dresses and guys in tight pants, stole evaluating his bulging manhood, compared with mounds of other guys. Summer - the adventure with occasional companions and fellow traveler, while short skirts and white pants, through which we sometimes accidentally touch each other in public transport or queues. If someone is severely hot, you can always take a dip in the river, at the same time become acquainted with fans "cool life"But the most refined pleasure of the summer, it is the evening tea in good company, after a bath in the tea house in Ahat-aka. Me and my friend Tahir every night use hospitality wise elder Akhat. And early in the morning, still full of freshness and singing nightingale night, again the muezzin heralds the beginning of a new day.

Knowledge of the slaves (online version). Chapter 2. The eleventh day - the last

All night I spent tied to the table with his hands and feet. In my ass was a marker that adheres to the outside of my body sticky adhesive tape. The room was light, but I woke up not from the sun but from the terrible pain lash Master on my ass. My head rose from fright, eyes opened wide, and his heart was beating so that kept me from breathing. - Good morning, Master! - How's your ass? Does not hurt? - He asked. - I was fast asleep, it feels good, Boss. - Normal or good? - Okay, Boss. - Well, that's another thing - owner I pinched the buttocks. - I told you how many times that you should be expressed exactly !? - "Fine" - means "tolerantly"Closer to "OK". - No! "Fine" - "it means nothing". - Okay, Boss. I will only be expressed in precise terms. - Hopefully. The owner made me free from the ropes. I knelt down and began to rub the scars formed from the ropes on the hands. The master hit me on the hand. - Do not touch

Knowledge of the slaves (online version). Chapter 2: Day Three

That night I spent near the battery, tucked his feet under him and his head bowed down. Fortunately, the dream was strong. I woke up before the Lord. Perhaps because it began to freeze. I leaned back against the pack and looked at the sleeping Master. His appearance caused, I have only good feelings. He was like a little tiger cub. I wanted to go to him, hug and stroked on the head. "Well, He is now warm, and I froze" - Flashed through my head and I immediately reached over, put her head down on the battery and looked out the window at the falling snow. I wanted to get up and catch up, but my hands and feet were tied together behind, and I could not move them. My whole body was fitted by ropes. I began to consider the red stripes - traces of the band. These thoughts are inspired by fantasy to me: "Those who sell the rope to my Boss, he's even could not imagine that they will be bound my body. A woman who I bought clothes pegs, because she, too, could not assume that


Hi, my name is Cristina, I am 16 years old. I want to tell you my real story. One fine summer morning, the breakfast comes up to me, my mother said to me: My daughter, I hope you do not obidishsya we and Dad have to leave for a week to Aunt Annie, she was sick, and I will need to look after her, and she one lives the father's car, too, need, but unfortunately you will not be able to take us .... I said: Do not worry, Mom, I'm a big girl can handle! I could not wait until the time when my ancestors left the city and call me, that they have reached, of course left me a little signing "agreement" - No party and the guys ... well, of course I agreed. What you will not go for a week of complete freedom ... Finally, I'll stay alone and nobody will torture me ... Finally it has come true, after 5 hours of Departure. The ancestors of the call that they got excellent, and Aunt Anne was very ill then they can just as well stay there even much more ... I was 7 the sky ... joy. It was

Timur and his team I. Part 10. New tests

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction. The shower had a lot of people. All the cabins were occupied, some had two or three people, men and women. All washed, who themselves, who help others, rubbed bare behinds, perineum and other parts tela.- better Let's go to the sauna - suggested Diana.- I would, nevertheless, be washed away - said Timur.On felt content his intestines, gradually accumulates in the abdomen, irresistibly pressing a little naruzhu.- Well, then, I'll see you, - Lera and Diana, in turn, smacking it with his cheek, udalilis.On was at the center of the shower. From the farthest cabin tempted familiar to him Dennis. A boy sitting on his haunches, ass filled with water and then splashing the contents out. The mixture was washed freely under the big grill in the middle of the booth. Timur waited Denis finished