So there I

My name is Amelie. And now I'm 17 years old. Eugene - stunningly charming guy: black hair, brown eyes, of average height, moderately inflated, in addition, from early childhood was engaged in sports ball dances (this is in addition Sambo, literary interests and a good sense of humor). In general, he did everything to win any serdtse.On understood this perfectly. He even had a nickname - Don Juan. I was still a little girl - only 14 years old. However, already formed: the chest on the ground, the hips; big brown eyes, long dark hair, smooth legs. The honors pupil school. In the music - too. I did not even kissed. And so we met. I was riding the subway home. It was facing the door. It was already half past ten nights and the people was not enough. Suddenly I felt someone's hand on my waist. Slightly frightened, I turned around. I saw it. For me, like, I ran a light electric current, and the blood rushed to face - tread blush. Looking me straight in the eye, he is


Now I will tell you about one episode of my sex life. It was decent years back, at the time I was a freshman at the College of Medicine Department of "Medicine". In one of the bright spring days, our group went on a two-week practice in the hospital, we were divided into compartments, said some container work we have to do and so we stayed 1 on 1 with the nurses, to which we pristavili.Moyu nurse named Nadia, is was a beautiful young girl who had just graduated from college this morning as well as being worked decently months. She had a beautiful sky-blue eyes, clear thin eyebrows, thick long eyelashes, red lips like poppies, bright blond tresses fell over her shoulders, her figure, as if carved out of marble, a great sculptor, gave kakoe-to sense of fragility as well -zhe elegance, very beautiful legs looked against a white ironed robe, which she was quite a party. It seemed as if the white-winged angel came down to earth as well as being embodied in the image of this girl,

Evil is evil returns

After reading another of the local stories, I realized how little true stories here, but fiction rife. Basically people are writing fictional stories or their fantasies. In turn, I would like to describe the story based on real events, and at the same time to warn a number of individuals are prone to cracking "shaggy safe." ....................................................I'll tell you about the events occurred to me in a rather distant time, but that rasstyanulis on the year and made me a disabled person, or more simply a moral monster. This story is an ordinary convict, became passive pederast. But first things first. It all started 93 rd year. With his friend being in alcoholic intoxication, we raped an underage girl. To be precise, I did not remember until now I raped her or not, and indeed took part in a rape because it was very drunk. The examination did not establish, and found no traces of my sperm and other secretions, but it is not much effect on my fate, to


In my class there is one The girl that I really like for several years. And once we have it ... One day at a party at my friend, we sney started chatting and I asked her to dance, we danced, I was dizzy from the smell of her perfume, I drove her crazy figure of her skin and a smile you I would lower his arm at below but she pushed me away and said that he could not and left .... I was grustno.Ya thought that all hopes were all gone now it will not be my ever but then we were left to clean up the class. I calmly cleaned class neobraschaya attention to her, and suddenly she came and said, "Do you like me?" and I began to come closer until I could smell her perfume. Stunned by her question I replied drozhashem voice, "Yes." She looked at me, smiled, went to get out more. We both cleaned in not not speak a word. When she began to gather I wanted to say something, but she interrupted me and kissed on the cheek and said, and disappeared until it was out of school for


Accidentally tucked day trip into a comfortable day in the ancient city, which I have long wanted to uvidet- I try not to miss such opportunities, if they fall into the hands of just squeeze the palm ... Only one thing could go wrong - the company. The promised travel agency "structure to thirty" was presented to the young at heart retirees, with a small admixture of children. Already at the entrance to the bus when my grandpa blocked the entrance with the words "senior skip the first! Young people went absolutely uncultured! ", I thought to leave. Then he calmed down, decided that Grandpa sometimes necessary to show off in front of Granny. I just came to hand ... We just do not give him the satisfaction. At the site of the first rest I was waiting for a little surprise. When all the company left the bus, I noticed that I was not one of the "uncultured young people." Three more, the guy with the girl, and their friend, very pretty, who looked at me and

In a taxi

February, has not yet ended tiresome winter. However, the weather was already in full spring, with preymuschestvenno zero temperature, melted, pogryaznevshim snow and wet, with lots of puddles and vyscherblin, roads. People, heated spring mood and have also passed on in full spring wardrobes, poskidav off his warm, heavy winter clothes, looks simple and beautiful. I have two years since have come from the army and work in a taxi in a normal, fairly well-known firm. I work on the Volga yellow checkered, day-to-day traveling about through the streets of the town. In my 20 two years me nothing and did not have any more because I'm fond of driving cars, and well versed in them no worse than even a mechanic. He lived the truth yet with mom, dad and sister mladshey. However, he studied in college and eventually planned, graduating to move to somewhere on oplachivaimee and acquire housing and family. On the roads of the town, as a constant in the second half of the day was a lot of cars to

Vredina cat

I was lying on the bed naked booty up defenseless. In my big eyes and a bandage on the mouth gag. handles and feet tied with ropes to the corners of the bed length of the sort that I could move my arms and legs, but could not dodge the blow or to cover close-suffering ass. I was terribly broken up happening: voluptuous cat will hand vladeltsa.A owner was somewhere -That behind and apparently reveled in his riding and appearance of my helpless body. I heard exactly the master pulls the leather belt from his pants, from this became nervous, and even get the wind up. Twitched handles, legs and booty, trying to free himself from the ropes. Nothing razdobyvalos. My helpless position aroused me again and now more limited between the legs becomes wet ovsem. the owner of probably also noticed now. He fooled her finger on her pussy and pushed it inside. According to shed body a pleasant languor, but would like to continue in the ruler was on my account other schedules. - Are you comfortable? -

With former

Since their last meeting have passed a lot of time and walking the city at night, we shared news of our race "new" life. Yes, a lot has changed in us after breaking up, and that spiritual kinship that unites us in the period of the novel has long vanished, but past memories helped to guess about the man with whom I was schastliva.Medlenno walking through the deserted streets, and escaping from the over personal life, I enjoyed a relaxing contact with his former love. And just look bring me to clean water, the view of the one who began to remember the old feelings and attitudes. From time to time I find an excuse dokosnutsya to him, adjusting incident bag, remove the speck from his cheeks. I did not dare to take by the hand, and has not had the right to do, because he certainly has a new woman, and it would be foolish to create a reason for her jealousy touching his hand. Each of us can easily calculates the smell of another woman on the body of her husband, and this scent is

The cost of medals

Hello. Allow me to introduce immediately. My name is Marinka and 18. I want to warn me that my story is true. And open it, I can only, therefore, that have graduated from high school and, hopefully, forever gone from his native town. Actions, of which I want to tell happened 2 years earlier. At the time I was 16, and I was trained in the graduating class. She was trained very well, confidently went to the gold medal. The ancestors have painted in my imagination preferential admission to a prestigious university and prospects, which I opened. About any romantic (and especially sexual) relationship, I had not thought about. Well ancestors set up: first we should think about the future, go to college, and the boys seem later. But life judged slightly differently. In the last quarter of the graduating class, we wrote supervazhnye control work on geometry. The whole class was terribly worried about the results, particularly because this work had to find a quarter assessment, and there


On Marina, we've been friends for three years and I'm always a little jealous of her. She's a bit older than me and it all turned out on a life easy and neprinuzhdenno- well-paid job, a car, influential friends, a nice house, a beautiful and tall husband Glory (not that my childish and fickle lover-roommate). What podelat- I was lucky childhood !!! But first of all I envied her chiseled figure and beautiful face, the beauty of which she emphasized the skillful makeup and stylish hairstyle. She is a "person" went literally everything from hairstyles to clothing! On the beach, where the two of us before there were often, men constantly staring at her one despite the fact that I deliberately wore very frank mini bikini. This revelation that the sudden movement of my chest could jump out, but these tricks did not help! I was constantly in the shadow of her charm and beauty, no matter where we are and what I would do with a ... Sometimes I with Sergei came to visit them on the