Who I want to be I do not know about you, but I want to be a swinger / bisexual. What does this mean for me? What fantasies come to me? What turns me on? hermaphroditism Slightly off topic, but chitaetelyam need to know why I was bisexual how it all happened. This will be the key to understanding the story. Apparently my puberty started too early, maybe I just could not control myself. But remember that this question has interested me in the garden, in the 7 years I have learned (sam!) masturbate, and by the age of 13ti, when the masses are not very successful attempts to get sex with sex, I thought - and if you do what many say at school, but the truth in a negative shade. ............................................................................................As the saying goes, "once is not n ...", I thought. In general, by long-term experiments, we figured out how to do this (not so easy to insert not skillfully) and then, almost 4 years of high school, I was

The case of the bus

At the back door, as always, it was crowded. Do not rush hour, but buses run rarely. Tightness is always something unpleasant, but today is not irritated. Probably because through the open sunroof in the saloon fell cool spring air jet. The air was extremely fresh and groin greens reviving forests, through which walking bus. Sitting in the bus OH noted that today around extremely a lot of girls. Specifically, girls and fresh air make the trip more pleasant. Inside, to the smell of the forest mingled with barely perceptible odor of perfume. This smell simultaneously causes pleasant feelings and strangely disturbed. AT there is no danger alarm. It was a strong call. He listened and He turned his head. I tried to guess from which proceeded from the girls unusual odor. However, they all seemed to be very serious and very focused. "Venturing into itself," he thought, and closed his eyes. The ride has been a long time. At the turn of the bus swayed. On the site there was a

A special case

My wife anniversary of her 25th, so about the laid table, invited friends, or rather her colleagues, only 15 people Snacks, drinks, toasts, gifts, dancing well into -Total nothing remarkable, all as always, with no frills. It was midnight when the pretty tipsy guests, for a bit, went home. Sleeps only stayed Andrei Grigorovich AG or just like everyone called him among themselves. To tell the truth, we are persuaded AG ostatsya.Delo that of all honest company, he was the only horseness, that is, nine had a cherry, a luxury for the late 80's to be seen, lived in his own house proud. Get behind the wheel drunk, shove through the city, and then another 10 kilometers of dirt road a risky business, and then there was a blizzard was played not comic, in general, he remained. It must be said that the AG was a character in some way outstanding. In his forty-two, he looked like a 30-year-old young man, tall, slender, and as they say, my wife, had the face of the White Guard officer. He was not

Stories Ani. About how the World said on 23 February.

Stories Ani. About how the World said on 23 February.     This story I told my girlfriend Natasha. Those who have read my previous stories, "My adventure with his brother" will remember my friends Natasha and Sveta. She told me she had recently and I immediately caught fire write a story about it. Especially because now there are few interesting things going on in my life. Well, it's okay still ahead. Of course, I admitted that the light writing and asked her permission to write and vykladyvanii the site of this story.     So I get right to the heart of history, which happened to Sveta 23 February. Just describe the Light and almost cutting her relationship with Dima.     Light, natural blonde, a very sweet girl, but she is not lucky with men. She is in love with Dima, but he has a wife and as for me and according to Natasha, Dima is not a very reliable man, but this is our personal opinion. Dima, kind of like a cool, his dad

At work

We worked with Sergei at one firm, I was head of the department, sat in one room. Sergey - tall, tanned man, dark hair, he was - 31, I - 35 years. Once we went together on a business trip to Kiev, spent the night at my cousin. In the evening, my dear sister Yulichka - pretty brown-haired woman with a third breast size, met us at the door. After hugging and kissing, I handed her a box of "Raffaello" and a bottle of vina.- Dima, undress, - she chirped, pulling with us kurtki.- How good that you came, how to sit alone in the apartment very long cold evenings. After a fun-filled feast with a minimum of alcohol, did not want to get drunk - get up early tomorrow. Julia removed the plates from the table and brought the tea. Villages close to Sergei, so close, hip to hip and put a candy in his mouth, ran her fingers over his lips, their cheeks flushed with wine. The long, languid look, instant flash. At the moment I presented them to have sex, after a long foreplay, Yulichka


New ideas talented Igor Petrovich did not take long to wait. This time his eyes became inquisitive faces in the sales department, and a new initiative was of purely commercial. Needless to say, the idea that the general director Igor Petrovich was supported fully and unconditionally, as he himself given free rein ... One day a couple of months before the New Year Petrovich called a meeting of sales department and asked to reflect on the eternal burning issue: What do to increase sales of our products? After listening to traditional proposals about a huge and enticing advertising campaign, lower prices, increase in staff, he casually dismissed them and said: Now listen to my idea, and we will implement it. As conceived by Igor Petrovic will have something so surprise our largest customers to their already getting through to livers, and other clients they rastrezvonyat a wonderful company. To this end, proposes the establishment of a super prize for the largest buyer of the year - Woman

Deputy Director..

Slender leggy brown hair was down the hall beautifully tastefully furnished office, a friendly greeting to all ... her radiant smile gave courage to all employees of the company .. But let's order, to get acquainted with the hero of our story. My heroine 23 years old, she worked as deputy CEO in a major tour company of the city. Some God gives nice legs, the other a pretty attractive face, the third luxury hair, and someone, and nothing at all ... But here God surpassed all - the woman got all .... Long brown hair, gentle waves fell on her thin waist ... Grey-green, slanting eyes framed by dark lashes shadows ... oh, how many men drove them crazy ... Leather light ivory ... bright juicy berry of her lips, pearly white teeth, which appeared charmingly when she gave the world his marvelous smile .. ... Figure it was worthy of the brush of great artists ... High ... tempting firm breasts, topped with beads dark pink nipples, which defiantly stuck out from under the thin material of

Holiday office

Our company since its establishment is engaged in processing and workpiece scrap steel. Since its foundation took neither more nor less than 5 years. During this time the organization has achieved no small success. The money was enough for everyone and everything. The firm had 4 secretaries general manager. Why so much ? No, not because it was a lot of work. Just a well developed rastavatsya girls was hard, and without young secretaries and without addition of new sensations and heavier. Our company is a large, it occupies two floors of a large building. Naturally the people working in it, too, very much. Among the staff there are so many female staff. Even young, appetizing girls. I work mainly as a lawyer, described in the organization, and so many details and juicy stories by me do not go. Our chef is a real muzhschina naturally not indifferent to the beautiful sex. Therefore, after some time, the organization of the personnel department engaged in the selection of a new

Vaska red

Recently, in a public house of one of the Volga cities served a man of forty, called Vaska, nicknamed by Red. Prozvshtse was given to him for his bright red hair and a fat face color of raw meat. .......................................... Thick-lipped, with big ears that stuck in his skull as handles on the washstand, he hit zhesstokim expression of their little colorless eyes; They swam in his fat. glistened like ice floes, and in spite of his well-fed, fleshy figure, his eyes always had an expression such as; if this person was always mortally hungry. A short and stocky, he wore a blue Cossack coat, wide cloth trousers and brightly polished boots with a small set. Red hair of his curled locks, etc., when he put on his head a nifty cap, they are struggling out from under his cap knerhu, went on the band of his cap - it seemed that on the head of Vaska and wearing the red wreath. Red comrades called him, and called him deivitsy hangman, because he liked to torture them. In

Storm sky mist conceals

Our institute garden plots allocated in the last year of the Soviet power. My neighbor was slightly familiar woman from another department. We found a good hard workers in the nearby village and the beginning of winter are two almost identical house they have built us. In December, the team was invited to the acceptance of the buildings. Then the builders had left, and we still wander through our empty teremochke neat, smelled of fresh wood. When they began to gather on the bus, the weather turned bad, a terrible blizzard was played. Snow baby lashed by persons besides stemnelo.-bus Before I dobredu, already cold! - Desperately cried Galina Vitalevna. His voice was barely audible, his wind blows. The nearest house barely returned through a blizzard. Dressed we were in the city, and Vitalievna shaking from the cold, until I opened the lock. though there was no wind in the dark house. We unbuttoned jacket, embraced and began to warm up. It was nice to cuddle up to a plump body. - What