Honeyed lips

Was lovely autumn evening, a light breeze rustled the leaves yellowing trees. Aleya, on which we were returning from a corporate party, was empty and dense silence enveloped us. We walked in silence, enjoying the beauty of this. Nadia, it was with her, and I left the party, however, it was a simple booze, but now very fashionable to call such events corporate, offered to accompany her to the house, holding my arm, froze ulybka.Eta girl on her beautiful face, no, rather young woman, we have worked a little more than a year. She was very attractive, well-built figure, haunted all the representatives of the male in our company, but also should be noted that it was not its only plus, it was still a very competent expert. As we all tried to get at least a little attention to it, but it maintained smooth relations with all. Our local "playboys", even tried to put bets on who was the first to get her in pastels, but this idea failed, as, indeed, all other attempts. Plenty of drunk


Upon entering, he certainly could not hide in his sight delight and lust. And how could not admire this girl, do not walk on her figure, eyes lingering on the graceful curves, perfect forms. Any man at the sight of her desire to appear immediately. It was perfection. Down there, in the banquet hall, guests were firm in which she worked. Here, on the second floor, in the waiting room the director was no longer heard the noise of the evening buffet. He snapped the front door. ......................................She sat on the edge of a huge arc of the sofa with a small backrest. Leaning on his side himself with one hand and slightly leaning to one side, she held his other hand on his hip, which is only half tucked in her black evening dress. Top dress was open, fully exposing the beautiful back and shoulders, which on thin spaghetti straps and keep it elegant dress with a small neck. Slender legs are rotated to the side, one slightly forward, a second behind. No sandals are hardly


House was waiting for her husband. The specially rented apartment - lover. And if the husband, I may not have had much impatience, something about her lover, drive for this meeting, one hundred and fifty kilometers, it was nothing to say it is impossible. She continues as the last idiot, stuck at work and, although the working day was long gone, was not to leave the slightest vozmozhnosti.U chief gathered some important clients: five well-fed, shiny and crowded consciousness of its significance bulls. Sometimes the boss let her home in such cases. But not today. It seems that this meeting for him it was indeed paramount. Patiently listening to all her arguments, why she now can not stay, he looked at her at point blank range Debt is not blinking eyes and gave indisputable tone: - You are my helper, and therefore will be here as much as It requires, if necessary, until the morning. And do everything that I tell you. Otherwise you will take off from here tomorrow, kick up the


It was not yet nine o'clock, as we all gathered and were looking forward to the continuation of the story of the doctor. Nikolai opened his thick notebook, sharpened pencils laid out and ready to record. The doctor is in the same way as for the first time, looked through his diary, a notebook, some notes, memos, preparing for the continuation of an exciting story, or rather stories, and at the same time a story that hardly anyone had heard. The doctor put in order my notes. The story of his was in fact based on a true event, and recorded himself with such features, which in any novel, not read. Patiently in silence, we expect the continuation of the story. - Well? Listen to you? - I asked the doctor, looking up for a moment from their papers. - You what? Mock us? - Dmitri Pavlovich said. - Well, listen. And the doctor began: - As I have already said, after the cook had gone to the village for the night, we stayed in an apartment

Our little

Today, I came home early. FRIDAY. Ahead of the weekend. My well-deserved rest. My holiday. I went home. I'm very tired! I want to relax! My husband is home, he is waiting for me. "Miiiilyyyy!" The husband leaves the room. He slowly approaches me. He sits down beside him. He kisses my feet. They are thin short stockings. He licks the calf. It removes my shoes and starts kissing my fingers through the thin fabric of the stocking I am very pleased! And I know that he, too ecstatic !!!!! "You are tired??"" "Very cute" I gently raise your hands, carry in our bedroom. I was on the bed. My dear, my good, undress me completely. He licks my chest, stomach, navel. He's between my legs. He knows how to properly lick me ...... I really like it when he kisses, and gently licks my ass. I lay down on my stomach. Gentle massage. Then kissing in the lower back and ass .... ... I am ready. I want it! We both hear the door of our apartment opens! My


The morning was very good indeed, but by mid-day weather thoroughly marred, and when it came the time of departure, there was general Leningrad gray haze. At the airport, empty, hollow doors slamming. Us are invited to register. When he heard his name for the second time in a row, a puzzled look, I notice that likewise goes high, short-haired guy. Appears in a small tourist group namesake was an event - in the absence of the other. ........................................................Of course, in plane, and the hotel we stayed together with Nicky. We were so called - Alexeev. However, we do not get offended because not offended at that, to besides laziness, because we are sitting in the restaurant "The Mill", where singing svinoobraznaya shrill woman. Doubtful is the beauty of the singing, the words guide, that is "authentic folklore". A "Mill" and in fact Mill, converted to a restaurant and we end up here its first day in Bulgaria. We finish dinner

Irina Vladimirovna

When we went to school, she was 25 years old and she taught mathematics. She was short, but okay. Not that she looked sexy, but something was in it. In the era of shkolnoy hypersexuality we would always, everywhere and all how something attractive a female. Then I could not imagine that ever fuck her, Irina Vladimirovnu.Na reunion came not all. But those who came to learn the pleasure of communicating. The dining tables were sold and champagne and beer. Of course, someone brought and vodka, but we are a little interested. Irina came to us somewhere in the middle of the process. It was not we cool lady. But we loved it. When she sat down to us, I noticed that a lot of its graduates have added to her good mood. She looked very, very good, youthful, slim. We talked a lot and drank a lot. My driver basked in a new "Chrysler". About eleven all become divergent. I walked next to Irina. By this time, we all knew that she was divorced and lived with her two sons.


How to run a year! I remember Alain. So good I remember it as if dispersed last summer. When I met her, she was exactly eighteen. we We lived together for two years. It turns out that she was not with me for about three years! Alyona! Often recalling the details of our meetings, I continued wonder - how could it be given me so devotedly and enthusiastically, not loving? ................................................Within two years, she wanted to see me, she called me when she was issued a free evening. All the free time we spent together and most of it in bed. How uninhibited and voluptuously she I satisfy my bizarre desires. Rationality in those days, melted in my head like wax in the fire, and her calling to weakness raznezhennaya submission awakened the beast in me. I took it devoutly, and came to the delight of her languid postanyvaniya, from the consciousness that she was fine with me. "I do not love you. Why go on?" - She said, two years later our life

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In fact, I have always been notorious prude ... .zhutko and zatyukali What was the cause of global insecurity - it's hard to say, but for a long time, I'm really languished until my peers, to the beat with the change of the school desks in the university chair, passionately fell in love, and just as quickly learned the basics of sex life, first chastely clips and kissing ... and then voraciously, and copulated until exhaustion ... well without heavy antlers ... fucking ... I achieved good success in school, a lot of sports (fencing) and had a lot of hobbies ... and in all would be complete harmony ... if not for the fact that I was a thoroughbred nymphomaniac ... In fact, I have always been notorious prude ... .zhutko and zatyukali What was the cause of global insecurity - it's hard to say, but for a long time, I'm really languished until my peers, to the beat with the change of the school desks in the university chair, passionately fell in love, and just as quickly learned the basics

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She patted me on my great paunch ... and sat me in a pose rider ... just went right through ..da ... it clearly poskromnichala .pizda ... ... she was very gouging ... Rode it for a long time and smartly ... constantly moan ... and saying, "Do not Stop" ... then ... I felt it cramp ... but she was not tired-ma ... almost immediately raised ... has guided my dick on the ass ... and your ve-Som village on me ... .I felt voltage .. then a sound like a Bulka and my cock fully entered her ass at times ... it was the ride as hard and violently ... I'm afraid that will break the bridle ... but excited-denie mine was at the peak .... I am 20 years ... .I can not complain about the monotony of sex ... but odnazh-dy I experienced not with the incomparable pleasure ... a year ago I was on the distribution recommend measures came into the shop ... I graduated college chef ... there's my on-chalnitsey became ... Aunt Alla ... woman 47 years ... .but fantastic sexual-on ... it was just