Raped in ...

Yves undressed, took a bath, gently masturbate in it, and then put on a black transparent negligee clinging to the body. Finally, the door barely audible knock. She quickly turned the door handle. There stood Adam Warner. At the sight of his eyes lit Yves admiration. - Honey, you're so sexy. You have a magnificent body, I immediately want you. What delightful legs, a large and resilient bust ... I even think about this I could not. ABOUT! What a lovely ass ... - I hope you're not podvedsh me, dear. - Oh no. You will not be disappointed in me. Putting his hands on the shoulders of Adam, Eve pulled him to her. Their lips met, as if something exploded in his chest Eve. She felt Adam's tongue slipped into her mouth. - O Lord, - Yves groaned. Adam pulled his jacket, in a moment free from clothes, left naked. He was like a statue of the Greek god come to life. Before Eve emerged athletic male body, but even more attracted the attention of Eve, is the fact that incredibly huge circumcised

Through the pain

The hotel was by no means "five stars". They rented a room expensive. Dvuspal- tion box with a satin coverlet heavenly color, a small table of mahogany, television, shower. In general, it is a cozy place. Andrew opened a bottle of red wine, poured by the glass .. Alice sat opposite. He looked into those beautiful eyes the color of a summer forest as an enchanted. Fiery color curls create a unique contrast to the beauty of snow-white skin. Beautiful creature! Heated wine, Andrei was overwhelmed by passion. Then to his surprise Alice She found herself in front of him on his knees. She began to kiss his hand, that Andrew was the first time. He always believed that good form is when a man kisses a woman's hand. But Alice kisses him pleasantly surprised. - Andrew, I'm really happy to have met you. I do not know what's happening to me, but with you I feel like something special. You make me someone more than I have. I want to belong to you, as the moon - the sky, the soul - the

Woman Harry Potter

The morning began as usual. Harry Potter, yawning, went down for breakfast in the great hall of Hogwarts, sat down and began howling pick fork pudding with blueberry jam on the plate. We were sitting next to Ron and Hermione and looked at the familiar sight of adoring boyfriend. Do not even keep track of Siim disgusting spectacle, Harry pulled eyes and froze. In front of him sits Ginny Weasley, sister of his best friend. Again she put this transparent blouse - sadly pondered Potter. It was a white, surprisingly transparent blouse, and when Ginny sits facing the windows, and the light fell on it, it was possible to clearly distinguish a couple of delightful breasts and nipples, dark dimples stand out under the fabric. Harry just at that moment, had sent in his mouth a spoonful of blueberry jam and felt the language of firmness malehankih berries, felt a surge of desire, imagine what the touch of her nipples, probably the same, solid and elastic ... sweet ... Throwing off his

Mom in the ass!

It all started nine years ago, when I traveled to visit her sister in another city. In talking about "the life of our heavy" due to lack of men in bed, my sister offered to fuck with his nineteen-year son, who, as she put it, very good "potrahival many single women." Posomnevavshis, still I decided to try it. In the evening, my sister put my nephew to sleep together in one bed, and the guy started to pester me at night. I almost did not resist. A couple of hours fuck in various positions, first quickly, then savoring every move, then violently, then gently. I finished a few times. Suddenly my sister came into the room and see how I suck dick son away from me and picked up the trunk and into the mouth itself. Hearing the cry of my surprised, she said, that also do not mind fuck stallion. Then I snuck between my legs to wear out the gap and began gently licking my crotch, tongue and lips collecting the sperm of her son. And the guy was attached to the mother's back

End of change

As usual Dennis went to work at the plant. The work was not easy, but the salary-stable, in general to life lacked. At work with all Dennis had normal relations, that was only one-envious drunkard Max. He did almost nothing to work with his wife divorced and constantly pil.Kak once Max got from his superiors (again for no work done), so much so that the salary cut almost in half. Previously, Denis was covering it, and this time refused - tired of constantly bail out negligent Rabotnicki. Max then terribly angry, and in his head he has matured cunning plan. During the week the work was in the second shift (finished late at night). And at the end of the day everyone went. At the factory there were only Denis (he finish the work) and Max. He waited for the right moment, to realize our plans. Denis completed the job and went to the shower. He stood under the jets of warm water, which is nice to caress the body after an exhausting day at work. Behind the scenes he was approached by Max -

Irina Adventure (at the wedding)

After adventures in the stairwell, I rethought my life. I can still arouse desire in men! My casual wear has become more challenging, relaxed behavior, and flirting with men constant. How then, my husband and I were invited to the wedding. I wore a short, slightly above the knee dress, wearing underneath a beautiful lacy lingerie and stockings. He has made a chic hairstyle and bright makeup. After the registrar's office, began a banquet at the restaurant. My husband sat on against me and beside me, got what that man. Giving guests feels full and satisfied in charged of alcohol, toastmaster drove all dance. Hubby my dancing with a blonde that larva, and invited me to dance, the same man that was sitting next to me at the table. Oleg! His hands closed around my waist, mine around his neck. I was very close to him chest, sighing wearily. Man, it is obviously excited. I just started up with half a turn, feeling like pomokrela cloth panties. Dance over and we are back at the


Inga was awakened by a terrible thirst. She kicked off her blanket and they cast the light robe, dragged into the kitchen. The heat was incredible. At this time of the summer, there were only two of salvation from it - completely naked and cold water. Well, undress completely prevented the presence in the apartment of parents and older brother, but the water in the fridge was enough. Inga approached the kitchen, did not understand at first why there is a light, but went in, and understood everything. There sat her older brother, and leaning back on the bench and slept to the sound coming from the TV. Looks like a cable television program ended, and he fell asleep, not having gone to his room and switched off the TV and the light in the kitchen. But what riveted gaze Inga, was really interesting. Valentin - so called brother slept sitting up, and at the same time completely naked. Of course the heat that explanation, but not the same as in the presence of a seventeen year old sister.


I want to tell you about what really happened to me. I do not pretend to be a writer Laura, but I think the simpler I tell those will be more interesting. Again, all of the events actually took place. My name is Max and I am 17 years old. These events took place last year, when I was 16. I have a sister Nelia, with which I have a big age difference. My sister Nele 27 years. She was already married, but soon divorced from his first marriage, and she has a daughter. After the divorce, as far as I was aware, my sister was no longer any serious relationship. I want to clarify that my sister lover of different gulyanok, parties. She often comes home late and often drunk. My sister Nelia short, plump with a nice big breasts and very cool ass. I can say that even if no take into account that she's my sister, she did for me was the limit of sexual dreams. My sister Nelia was once a great lover of sex, so before the wedding she had many suitors. Also, my sister was not a prude and often even

Good aunt

Julia paying for shelter before the Ivanovo - every night after putting her daughter to bed, they staged an orgy with Julia in the title role, and in the morning and afternoon Julia sucked Sasha before leaving for work. Sometimes Sasha lunch put up a "sex hour". At the same time Yulia had to serve him at the table, dressed only in a T-shirt and panties. It ended it is usually the fact that he poured Julia on the table and ripped off her panties, tore it. Yulia's lying here lubricated ass as butter or margarine, Sasha dryuchil Julia's ass, not paying attention to her tears. Further more. Circle of Yulin partners via Ivanov began to increase. Marina Julia took with him to the bath, and then Julia had not just lick Marina's friends from head to toe, but also to spin beneath them, when those "armed" rubber members, Julia flogged in every hole. Sasha, when Marina and her daughter was not at home, came with friends. Crucified in the kitchen a bottle of vodka, they broke

Armenian ass

Here is a very real story. That's why there will not be abundant outpouring of sperm on the face of the Lady of ten times a night and proche lobudy like that, but it will be a description of the first experience of anal sex with hot Armenian girl. So. That year I finished university and met a very nice girl, an Armenian by nationality. Since it was interesting to talk to, she studied in the fifth year of our university. Her name was Rita. It was in every respect an interesting girl. In Russian speak Russian better than many. Well, it looks very, very noticeable. Firstly burning brunette! Wavy hair below the shoulders. Big eyes and a small hump on the nose, that it does not spoil. And no peculiar to women of ethnic facial hair! Growth, it was average, with a regular shape legs and quite seductive ass. But Rita was really outstanding, so it's chest. Rounded hemisphere full third dimension, not elastic hanging down, watching the brown juices with large halos slightly to the side.