That's really never thought I would have worked as a secretary. But life is made to learn from the clerk as my own specialty has become useless. Knocked about for a variety of job offers, I found only one. Secretaries generally required superiors to without much trouble to satisfy their sexual desires. .............................................................Of course, in the exterior of the god I was not offended. The slender figure, femininity acquired after the birth of my son. The average increase in the second breast size, soft thighs and back of strong. Apparently my kind of employers suggests only one idea: as soon as you can put me to bed. It does not suit me, and I continued my quest. Finally, I was lucky, I was accepted into one large firm. And not just a secretary and a clerk at the very General. Generally Gennady Stepanovich - a man in all respects correct. Calm, confident, educated and in their business very competent. Years he's only forty, but looks at the thirty,

We are all the time interfere!

Generally get well. I was sitting at home in the evening and not much was not going to, but then I was called by my friend Denis. And he said: "Let's go for a walk?" To which I replied: "Let's go" We met with him and decided to go to the disco, but of course I could not help but call Natasha, and I did. I called her and said: "Natasha went to the disco with us, and then we together with Denis boring" But she refused, saying that I do not want to go to a disco, go where you do not be in another place, and I agreed to go to the bar. We arrived at the bar sat there, of course drank, and then I offered again to go to the disco, what Natasha had already agreed. And we went on discos, everything was just super, and we decided to continue our outdoor party at her apartment when we came to it ...... Denis all at once understood and went to another room to watch TV. We stayed together with her, but then the action takes place is not as I would like! Just the thing


Malkovich recently come to the office to combat illegal machinations, but in the first days became known for his adamant opinion and bright appearance. It is no secret that in the office work almost one girl and only a few men, so often you could catch employees who have sex on the job. But the most perverse and sex in the office was the chief. She came to work in a short skirt and no panties, so that every man wanted to fuck her, but she just fucked with nachalstvom.No only Malkovich remained adamant and always said everything directly: "My boss - a whore." Once the very whore called him into his office. Malkovich felt that after his entire department looks. At the entrance of the secretary, which was a seductive translucent blouse, it wished to have a good time. Chef never called to the office of ordinary mortals, she could make it so that any would end in my pants just by her words and appearance, but direct contact is not allowed. Malkovich was the first. The office was

Irina Adventure (Same-sex passion)

The street was beginning to turn gray when I rang the bell at the address that you specified in the business card. The door was opened that same girl gave me her address at the wedding. Face (the name of my new friend), was charming. The dark shoulder-length hair, beautiful facial features (like in a fairy princess east), light silk robe, above the knee, at which the heaving chest is not big. Without further ado, she took me by the hand and led him into the bedroom. Elegant, snow-white bed, covered black sheets and pillows with the same pillowcases, amazed by its size. On the table was burning neon lamp, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Near the lamp, an opened bottle of wine and fruit. We drank in silence and Lika kissed me on the lips. This kiss was unusual for me. Anger and passion, and at the same time, tenderness and affection. So can kiss a woman only. Suspended, Lika brazenly considering gradually freed me from the clothes. Gently he pushed onto the bed, and


In the beginning was the body. Really, at first I said only her body. Valentina was simply superb. I met her at a friend's birthday. Beautiful body, packed in tight-fitting sweater and jeans, immediately riveted my attention. The body moved gracefully and naturally. With an effort, I forced myself to tear your eyes away from the charms of women and focus on her face. ........................................................Valentina is necessary to describe in detail. Pretty pug-nosed face, clean and bright, was framed by curly red hair. Brown eyes languishing in the depths of glittering lights. Plump lips and slender neck that threw small gold chain. Breast immediately attracts attention because it is clearly dissonant with the slender body. They are, in my opinion, has long exceeded the size of the second and in all aspired to the third. The narrow waist contrasted with rounded hips. And all this splendor finished two pairs of elastic buttocks and slender legs. Later I learned that

Work by vocation

I always wanted to be a sex - slave, but did not know what should be done to achieve the desired. After high school, I tried to go to college, but failed in the exams and decided to go to conquer the capital. Two months after his arrival in Moscow, I worked as a waitress in a diner, but neither pleasure nor much money prinosilo.Kak this occupation is not something on the Internet, I came across an ad: Girl loves rough sex, is invited to work. I called the number indicated. I was offered a job and was told that if I was ready for anything, they are waiting for me. I do not know why, but ... I went. I knew it was prostitution, but I so wanted rough sex. I carefully prepared for the new job: shaved pussy and not wearing underwear. I arrived at the address - in a cottage outside Moscow. In the lobby, I was greeted by a fat flabby man and told him to follow him. We walked into the room. He ordered to undress and spread her legs. He walked in circles around me, paw and studied as if I was

Do not stand the

She was lying on the edge of the curtain and breathed jerkily jerking all telom.S her pussy continued to flow and sperm in her ass stuck little red artificial member without which no one needs our vylozka on poberezhe.Ya supine outstretched legs still kept clutching his end that without any rest I took a few servings of ejaculations. As I was rushing to get fucked on the beach when you know that after you watch someone so although pretends not to look through them but for some time gives pereminanie and shifting his body from the back to the stomach in particular, this spit of boys and men. At 20 years old I am older than my girls sluts odds that gives not only me and of everyone who tries though as that operedit.178sm its growth with an excellent figure and very pleasant breasts nipples that look a little bit up. Before her, I did not try to fuck in full view of others would not even know how much it gets in including others. Especially when the mother is under 120 kilograms and

Hello Dedushka Moroz!

Kohl, along with other programmers came on a business trip in one of the suburban towns shortly before the New Year. It was necessary before the holidays pass to the customer system, and, as usual, began rush work. Places in the dormitory of the enterprise was not seconded placed in the private sector, in a cottage, at the woman Dunya. The staff was young and cheerful. Men's half lived in one room, women - in drugoy.Iz amenities in close corridor was water dispenser over the sink, water dripping from the sink in a bucket, the bucket had to be periodically emptied outdoors. There, on the street, it was a toilet-type toilet not designated by any letter, because the cabin had one at all. Work progressed well, basically had time to time, but, as usual, were minor issues for which the customer would close his eyes. That's what the customer to sometimes turn a blind eye to the deficiencies. Kohl had in the last week before the New Year to go to Moscow. On the way back he took with him a

How I helped my aunt

I rang the doorbell, my aunt did not open for a long time, busy with the housework. I did not really understand why she called and asked to come to her. She had me second cousin aunt and our family is rarely communicated in mainly for a great family holiday, when all the relatives gathered. And to call our relationship close, it could be a great exaggeration, but refuse her request, I could not. And heard steps, the sound of the lock being opened, stood on the threshold of my aunt Klava. .................................................The woman she was middle-aged, slightly overweight, but her large forms only gave her charm. Calling pleasant fantasy. For it is followed, although cosmetics are not used, apparently it affected her craving for home comfort and love for the various parties and get-togethers. I could not help staring at her charming smile. - Well, then I stood on the doorstep? Come, let's drink tea - she invited me into the house. After seeing me in the living room and

Watchful ass

Vadim and Olga not to love each other, but fucked with great enthusiasm. So it is a case like that of the love they had not yet thought of: there is no time. Just happened, Vadik vbezhit at Olga's apartment, but will undo his pants, and she was right there, in poluraspahnutom robe over his naked body, with heavy breathing and essential question, as he wants to - rear or front and once he finds the right solution: it leans against the wall and enters the front or expands and plants back when standing, when the cancer as well as on the floor and go to ask. Right in the entrance hall, among the dirty shoes and the mat. And sometimes sly smile lips, shook his finger, saying, No, my dear, let's first blow from the doorway, and then see what to do with you ... Sometimes she does not want to be Monica, she begins to make excuses, saying that not brushed my teeth, and so on. D. Vadik does not like his face appears the expression characteristic of villains. He takes Olga's hair and down in