For the first time it happened when I was 6 years old. I lived in a small 3-storey building with a large attic, and his girlfriend Irina in next door a year younger than me. Our Nurse Irkoy friends and we grew up together with the diaper, playing in the sandbox, hide and seek, etc. Peers, we were only two of us, and the rest were older, did not play with us, and we were together Irkoy left to themselves. The yard was quiet, lots of bushes, where we did the staffs, kindergarten behind the fence, the mysterious and dusty attic, where we were forbidden to climb, but we of course climbed and even made a small headquarters there. One afternoon I was walking pinnuv some box found underneath pictures with pornographic content, namely, oral sex,. Made expressly amateur with poor sharpness that the details see it was bad. About sex when I have heard, but never seen or thought, and then SO !!! Hiding photos in the attic, I decided to show them Irke when it comes out for a walk. When Ira came

Lisa - baby

Previously, Lisa did not have to live in such cramped conditions. Her parents were prominent specialists in major corporations, and in the regional center, where they lived before, they had a wonderful four-room apartment. However, the case has contributed to their simultaneous promotion of the career ladder, and now the family has moved to Moscow, where the couple were waiting for responsible positions at the head office. To delay the move was impossible, but the flat, which was to become their new home, still was not ready, and they are temporarily housed in two rooms apartments service company, and the other two took another young woman with her two sons. Junior, Volodya, was only a year older than Lisa's, he was 13, and his brother Roma - 15. Lisa was a late child, unexpected joy of parents who, at the time of her birth, has long walked thirties. Therefore, we took care of her immensely, well, spoiled, of course. They could not get used to the idea that their little girl is

Girl World. (Russia Day)

Girl World. Russia Day - on 12 June. On this festive day we Sveta already called up, and she said something about the fact that he wanted to invite me to her house. Only now, I do not fully understand where it is. She has said that there is a night with her mother to help keep watch on the watch. We agreed to phone later in the evening. Night was falling. The sun was almost down to the horizon. And now, my cell phone began to play Fugue by Bach. This is called Light. - Come, my mother went home. I'm here alone, chat, - said tube. - Hello, and you tell me the address? - Write it down. Lenina Street 20, House, - said Light. - Food. He began to gather. Odell your favorite white shirt, pants, socks. I took a bit of money on the juice pack and what some sweets. Fed up of tables condom packaging. I turned it over. thought: "take - not to take?". Out of it a little bit in your hands, I put it in his shirt pocket. I'm not hoping to have sex with a girl who just turned 16


It hurts to sit, it hurts to lie, I can not find a place, I feel bad without you, sometimes I think I'm dying, there is not dying, just life stopped suddenly, somehow faded! It is no longer you and I went out of it, because you left me! I never thought this would happen, I never thought that it's so painful and sad. I am silent, trying to hide his pain, to hide. I do not know how I continue to live, not live there, I'll smile tomorrow, anyone? '' Do not love, never love ...''- pulsate thought in my head. Stupidly I look at the phone, and suddenly you are now called and matter-of-factly say, '' Hello, darling! '', And he was treacherously silent, some important, but do not call, I never calm, breathe evenly. Do everything exactly, but I'm not myself, I no longer feel. Trying to find an excuse, I am angry with myself, and to sense does not fix anything. You began to take drugs, how could you betray me, our love. I want to hate you, I want to go away, to forget you, your kisses, your

Vacation with his nephew

My cousin married a second time and actually left her 13 year old son on my upbringing. The boy went to live at my house, and I became involved in his upbringing. Our relations gradually became more than friendly: I'm thirty years old was not married and attached to him as his own son, and he, in turn, began to call me dad quite often. That summer I was finally able to come loose from the cases and decided to meet sixteenth nephew of the sea. The nephew had already become a tall, handsome young man: dark skin, black curly hair, aquiline nose made him a very nice and attractive. I have often watched him turn around in the street girl, but my nephew was still a virgin and did not even have his girlfriend. Concerned about his shyness with girls, I decided that the sea is required to help him to give up his virginity and his birthday in bed he would meet with some beauty. From the first night we had started to hunt for the girls. We went to the disco, to bars, just trying to evening the

Fantasia on a Theme 2

Today, you have prepared something special for me, is that "always set the type of our relationship". So you skazala.Ya was lost in conjectures .... On the one hand I was afraid, I was afraid of the unknown. On the other hand I was afraid to hear that you no longer need the services of my Mistress. I therefore fully complied with your wishes and decided to go to kontsa.Kak always, I emerged from the bathroom in some swimming trunks and went into the bedroom. I'm in a hurry, because delayed. And my landlady does not like to wait. I was very nervous, so all of my valilos ruk.Voydya into the room, I saw you standing by the window. On you was your coat to the knee, which extends to the bottom and hid all, and high-heeled boots. I decided that something happened and you urgently need to go !!! I was shocked and stood on poroge.- You make me wait - you said, not even obernuvshis.- What's wrong? - I was upset, so I forget about all the rules povedeniya.- Why did you decide? And why

Dotting the i's

In any case, I must admit that I put up with him for a long time. All these "Give-fetch". "Dishes are washed? Now suck!". "Honey, I'm home from work! Give chmoknu on the cheek. And now on his knees, whore and suck!" and stuff like that. Year hateful garbage and any ohueesh or go mad. I still do not understand which option I got. And you know what the taste of dick adult man after a hard day's work. Who also gets something through time? Do not know? Can you try it once, in any of his friend. Something is wrong? And why do you think that we like those stinking perepreloy urine and God knows what kind of nasty garbage tassels? In general, this bitch again priperlas home from work. And I waited. Actually, I'm not waiting for one, but he did not know about it. Dressed with of being a cheap porn. True leather lingerie was not, but black stockings, suspenders and bra were found. He closed the door and turned around stunned. "Hello dear!" It seems


He was 12 let.Byl he built, high podrostok.Na it was a white shirt, white trousers, legs were sandalii.Maks went to the mirror, and began to examine myself. Palm touched the neck, then began to fall below. Chest, elastic stomach. Hand fumbled below. He began to unbutton his pants, the other hand was under the shirt. Max stood in the same white shorts and examined himself. The long, beautiful neck, broad shoulders, small breasts, flat stomach. Slightly tanned, beautiful legs. Between the legs, he stood a mound. He stood. Max looked at the mound, and began to pull at his left hand. He took off his pants. Small penis stood at attention. He began to stroke the penis. He liked it - he felt some weakness in the groin. He lay down on the couch and spread his legs, took two member rukami.Odnazhdy night, Max heard a creak. He quietly got up and tried to determine the source of the squeak. His older brother was sleeping in his room. Max saw a brother to masturbate, faster and faster. Then came

Scene 1 st. Houses threesome

Says Christina Andreevna. I was then 31 years old, and they for 15 years. As usual, I was at home, my son Lesch asked to go for a walk after school. The time was coming to 21 ... 00. The call on the phone, I picked up the phone ... - Hello. - Mom it's me! - Where are you? Time to go home! Too late! - I'll be right. But here's the problem, Sasha's parents went to the cottage, but he is afraid to sleep alone in the house. I immediately interrupted him ... - What Sasha? - Well, my friend! Sasha! Well, out of the classroom! Can he sleeps and we ??? - Well I do not know! Moreover, I do not know him. - You'll find out! (Haha) Well, you can, nevertheless frightening one. I replied with uncertainty ... - Okay, just hurry up come too late. - Okay bye. I found it very strange. It was late, and the boy was going to spend the night with us. Again call, already at the door. I opened. Were Lesch and this friend. Lesch ran up and told me ... - I myself still do! We will go. I

Meet over breakfast

The day began as usual. I went to the restaurant for breakfast and met his old friend. He had breakfast there with his colleague and introduced me to Jenny invited to join them. The conversation at the meal began with common phrases, but soon moved on to our missing couple. Jenny, speaking about her husband noticed that she and her husband married a civil marriage, and adhere to the rules do not interfere with each other to meet other people. Dave was very conservative and, in addition, only recently married, and a frank statement confused him. Soon, he remembered the unfinished work left and apologized. We were left alone with Jenny. We had a few drinks and have become quite openly discuss our sexual preferences. Jenny leans forward and whispers "Do you remember how much like to fuck in 14 years? I feel all the time ". By now I had a strong erection. I said that I really like pants, and that nothing gives me greater pleasure than to stick his nose in a good pair of wet