I have been teaching at the Institute. Recently widowed and live alone. My daughter is married and lives separately. Life stopped. Frozen. And is not that something happened. No. Just nothing happens. I read a lecture fifth year, simultaneously thinking than it is today for dinner. I looked out the window at the blossoming buds on the trees, and did not feel like spring. The familiar theme of the lecture, the familiar faces fifth year. But this is something new. ...................................................... Julia - such svetlenkie, thin, even puny student sat on the front row, and arranges erotic show. I know its not the first year. Capable, bold but not daring., His words are not climbing. All of it is easy, if it will give it time. Behind it was failing credit. I'm sure she did not even looked into the book. She had rolled up with gifts, I never took. All right if it is not given, and the elementary laziness. No, I will make her know his subject. Thinking about her

Business trip (1st)

Once again, the train trip, they say that people get used to everything, but Elena was sitting in the compartment, and it seemed that everything is so zadolbalo that was terrible. No, of course, in my youth it was like nothing, not even liked the newest town of places, people, communication, dating, well, with all of this all natural sex as a pleasant part of the latest dating. And just to tired to go now, trains, hotels, work, running, maybe it's just kind of tired, need a vacation to get away and relax, but at home or in the village to the relatives, there is quiet no fuss. These thoughts move to the head, Helen. She's nice lady at 40 years, life is adjusted, both in general and for all, family, spouse, daughter, an adult, apartment, job, well, all right. If Elena began to remember and talk their family life, it would have happened something like this. Before her marriage she was a faithful woman and married a virgin, so in fact it was made, and she to regret about anything


The story described here happened to me in 2001. Outside the winter. I went to the computer design courses. I find a class and entered. It worked only one woman, to look at the age of thirty-five, with blond hair close, coordinated and glasses. I will not hide myself noticed that she's great sex. I said hello and sat down at the desk behind her. Then came uchitelnitsa.Na her appearance there was about fifty years old, but "commodity appearance," she left. As further revealed, the class consisted of two we have a husband - me and my "colleagues". I start a lesson. I looked at it from the ridge, and longed for it. It was for me sexy. Because I and many other young people of the older ladies of very fond. It began a break and we have submitted to the ... -Albina Ivanovna - she introduced herself -Very nice - I said, and also introduced. We got to talking. She looked at me with interest and a twinkle in his eyes. I do not hide my own way of interest. Thus began a


My novel is a very good husband, he is gentle and caring. I love him, but that's to be his faithful wife I did not get. More in the registry office, when we painted, I had already fired his fucking eyes around the room in search of man for the evening. He did not even realize that three years ago I was involved in a sex marathon. Ever since the age of thirteen I was showed the appetite for sex. I was constantly in the excited state. I learned to masturbate at an early age and tried to remove the sexual benefit in any situation, no matter where I was. It could be cycling, I even went to school with a small vibrator inserted in her pussy. At eighteen years old, my father's friend revealed to me a world of sex. It all started with a trip where my father took me with his three friends. I am a small, frail-looking girl, with a beautiful round ass, always attracted the attention of adult men, but none of them did not believe that I was an adult. And so I remained still a virgin. And

At parting

It happened in the spring of 1999. The relationship with my lady start denoted a certain callousness. In fact, limited as age, we were driven for easily love, though she occasionally slept with the girls, and I was just at the moment on the drum. but that day ...... dimensional conversation is a cup of coffee, her embarrassment ... and the words "I'm sorry, but I adore her," I was somewhat crippled. I used to love her. Yes, if so add up the situation ... Well, then zasyadu with a bottle of vodka and trying to come fully back to normal, but in the meantime ... ... I hugged her, pritisnul to him, whispering in your ear, "everything is fine, I can handle ... paramount that you were okay ... I miss you" or something in this spirit again. She firmly hug me so tight that I watched that one heart beats for two. "I would understand if you left me after my words. It pains me to say it was the moment you feel yourself ... ... abusive bastard. " I closed her


This evening I was invited to a birthday party, which was expected considerable sorority. With the howl of a girlfriend I prudently left the house and went to look in Mitino. Celebration was held to be surprisingly boring, the girls are not particularly moved and behaved in their 17-18 years of surprisingly awkward. The only thing that raised my boyfriend out of hibernation, was the culprit celebration, Katya.My knew already about three years and never even kissed the present. She was a very little girl of the sand, small stature with a very nice breasts of a teenager, which I have often thought having sex with his constant girl who was, to tell the truth, too personal. Katya was a short little blue dress, and she was wearing thin white panties, flashed before my eyes tenacious when she got up and sat down in the chair. It is probably not too worried. Everything has ended, and is clearly not satisfied with adolescents gradually leave the apartment. I waited for the moment to remain,

Please assist

Vera has long looked at the offspring of a neighbor, the guy was 18, she wanted to experience it. Vlad was sitting behind computer-reading porn stories, and thought how it would be cool to have sex with a lady not to be an adult, dick stood, he podrachival reading. Faith, early in the morning met a neighbor, asked about the laptop that is broken and whether it will have a look, it Vlad, a neighbor said that she had no time, and it tomorrow ask or belief itself may come to them, and then it will come too late and of to forget is, and Vlad is now home. Vera said goodbye to her, and went to her with a sense of desire. At home, she looked, in the laptop and made so that it will have to do, she took a bath, Throw pussy, tint, endowed with super sexy. Stockings Thong Panties, looked, bra, no excess will. Vera took the spirits, sprinkle in intimate places, wearing short skirt, white blouse and transparent, so that the breasts gleamed, protruding nipples sticking out, legs in the shoes with

Light-meneta and Alina-aniline

Continuation of the story: Fun birthday or 12 holes ... The next day I got somewhere around 10 hours. At the head of the mess going on, it is no wonder that after the amount of alcohol per se. I remembered the previous day of action and was just happy the possession of such a lively toy with 3 lusty holes. I barely got up and made his way to the bathroom to dry trees to score, but plain water is not inspired me. Then I remembered that I still had 3 bottles of beer. I walked into the room. Included yesterday music is played, and I started it off. I spit some psychedelic, and I slightly recovered. I opened the first bottle and saw that my darling is sleeping soundly. From under the blouse she was shown her chest, and her head was all hairy hole open to my view. Again I felt the sweet sipping at the bottom of the abdomen, and I wanted to have her pussy again. However, I decided to slightly postpone the continuation of the execution. I switched on the telly - demonstrated announcements

House number

Alinka celebrated with my friends birthday and it's not going into the house. That was not boring, I invited boyfriend Sergei, I take a couple of CDs, he has long wanted to visit. In Seryoga went wrong with the girls, it is a beautiful young man, but something did not go. After drinking a couple of beers I started rasprashivat at Seregi about his sex life. - Grayish, how do you save? Terpenes? - I suffer. - Well, probably you masturbate? - Not without it. - So the girls are not going well, the guy would have tried. - What I gay or what? - Oh, I would try it once, no big deal. Do you want sex? - Want. - So may I introduce you to a neighbor, it sucks perfectly. - Have you tried that? - No. However I heard - not knowing what will action, I decided to hush up this information - let's try. - Where, right there? - Well, where else? - And you? - And I'll see. - Why did not you try? - I watch, and later may want. You just give suck, and you do not want. What a difference a man or a woman will

Audit: sexy completion

Sergei and Light met at work. He had to buy a huge trading business, and light, as the most professional audience selling company chief - Alexander instructed to accompany transaction. Many hours of Serge and Light performed side by side at the computer, turning the mountains statements over the years. And Serge has already begun to get used to the smell of her hair, to the warmth of his knees during occasional touch under the table. From time to time, tired of ripples digits to the eyes, it allows itself shut down and some time just listening Svetin breathing or sounds of her voice. Often Light leaned too close for office standards, and she lost the thread of the dispute, be silent and blushed heavily, seeing Serge saw her confusion. Still less his style of communication remained stressed business. Payment for the purchased business is expected in a few steps, depending on what kind of "skeletons in the closet" is not to be found, and then get out at the most inopportune