Activities on the island. Part 1

But he always wanted to see his wife in the arms of another man, maybe even two. To Alex did, she always rejected his initiatives. One day while sitting at home and watching TV, they saw the advertisement on vacation on an exotic island. - That would have to go and relax on the island - thoughtfully said Irina. - Do you think it's a good idea - said Alexey - Of course good, and you can relax and people-watch, - said Irina. - You know, I would agree to this adventure, but with one condition, you will carry out all my whims, until various erotic desires - gently patting on the ass Irina, Alex purred. - And I probably would not be against it, but all this is a great an impossible tale, - said Irina. The next day, in the morning as usual Alex went to work, do not forget about yesterday's conversation. He remembered how Irina tensed at the moment when he told her about the "different erotic desire." Arriving at work, he first went to the boss

Friendship families

Sasha I clever and understands everything, so I do with it is not a shame to do different things, which others call wickedness. We were just married, they began to do everything. My husband keeps telling me that I should have nothing to be ashamed of. He likes it when I'm in bed look depraved. He buys me a spicy lingerie, all my girlfriends gasp with envy. I once confessed to the employee that her husband likes to bind me to the bed, so she made the round eyes and said that he was in my sex maniac. But I do not think, because I am very good with them. I even like the fact that he was always so active. One day later we went out of the restaurant, so Sasha directly to the taxi made me fondle him. So what, I'm pretending to be drunk and the driver did not notice anything. Actually, my husband says that I - a nymphomaniac. He told me once admitted that he married me because I was his first evening gave. And I do not remember how it was. I and before him were guys, but I do not like.

Shared wife. Part 1

When, after viewing pictures or movies went to bed, I pounced on Olenka and during rasprashivat fucked her if she would like to take a more than my one or more cocks? To which she always gave a positive answer! After a while I began to notice that my Olenka periodically does not suit pants when we go shopping or gulyatsya about my daughter! And recently been visiting her friend's birthday party. Naturally on this occasion my wife has made incredible makeup and dressed in appropriate cases, in order not to lose face in front of his girlfriend and guests. Of course, we had fun at the glory drank well (before going to her friend, her daughter brought my parents) came time to divergent, of course with the "one for the road", and we are already on the street. The weather is warm, though autumn. It was past midnight. I began to catch the car. Private traders did not want to, but I wanted to catch a normal taxi. In the "Vote" It took about half an hour and my wife

My wife and I

My wife grew up in a strict family, and so I went to an inexperienced girl. I, in turn shy and had never conducted before marriage is very stormy youth, as they say - is not considered. Here love and marriage. Only about six months later he became my wife relaxed in bed and started to get pleasure from sex. And I was pleasantly surprised when, besides its beauty and character revealed in her temperamental woman, I would even say lustful female. In her life, she remained as sensible and cute girlfriend, but in bed she lay out and demanded the same from me. In the third year of marriage we tried anal sex. This happened in Sochyah on holiday, after a romantic evening. All day she, at my request, carried out without panties in a sarafan. Enthusiastic attitudes men have both her and me. Another day she said that I was in for a surprise, but in the evening I have already forgotten. The room we got in the 5-th hour of the morning, a little

Crap childhood

Gray, five-storey building loomed in the evening air, like a rock in the ocean, with each step increasing in size. I walked down the street with his friend Vasya Drozdov, with interest listened to his story. -... Well, we were sitting with her on a bench, kissing. I embraced her, his hand on her breast put. I have already in full worth, come on, I say it to me, and she in any, of virginity itself builds. And it may be true virgin - Drozd finished his story, Lingering cigarette. - Vasek, you are more careful, she's still a minor - I warned a friend to stay near the traffic light. - Not ssy, bratuha it from the outlet group is waiting for the release. There she was already eighteen, at least, she told me so - fun Vaska said, slapping me on the shoulder. - And where do we go? - I asked, having moved to the green light. - This is - a children's home, where she lives - my friend pointed to a gray building, right in front of us - I invited her on a date. - And what the fuck I'm needed ?!

Wife for two

- What now to do the river? Watch as trash floating in it? The grass is already good, and on the banks of certain wet. A friend of her husband Vitaly threw a shoulder backpack. Engage in the debate he did not want, and so happened in their company that Cyril not usually wrong. In the end, the river and you can walk - not a hundred meters away. And here is flat, dry area - a great place for the fire, a stone's throw of a fallen birch dry, so do not have to go far to collect firewood. - So - stay? - Of course. Do not bathe, we have come here. - Yeah. - Vitaly comfortably grabbed the ax and drove it to the birch. May was warm. So much so that as early as May Day holidays orderly people rushed out of the city - who is on the garden plots, who just closer to nature. Couple Lena and Kirill also succumbed to the general impulse was, but looking the part in the assault on the train, turned around and went to the nearest club to play billiards. A week to discuss

Old New Year

Valya and I are married for over 20 years. Sexually already seems to have tried everything but the Group. And now the time has come when we, or rather I, I wanted to have sex with one more pair. Actually, I wanted to caress and to fuck Valya alone with someone, but pure lonely man is hard to find. A single pair - Stepan and Maria - has tried to establish contact with us. As it turned out, Stepan still five years ago spotted Valya. We have so far only led talks "all near and around," but none of us dared to direct offer. In the New Year we Valya decided to invite them to her, but too late - they are already invited to a family. Then we invited them to advance to meet the New Year with the old, and they agreed. They came at the eleventh hour in the evening. Immediately we sat down and began to celebrate. Stepan began to drink vodka and cognac, and quickly okosel. Val and Mary drank wine. All the talk revolved around "it," but no more. And so almost five in the

Tale of the light of love, or tetrahedron

We decided to go on a winter vacation. Nothing particularly luxurious: a house in the forest filmed in advance. We arrived before dark. Wilderness, pine trees in the snow as a Christmas picture, even the dogs do not bark. A strong frost, normal for these places. Quietly, no wind. Frozen for a long time to warm the room, fireplace too flooded, batteries included, and everything on the floor pulls icy draft, everything melts the frost on the walls. We had been married only six months, we with my Galya, and our friends Victor and Nadia. Galya and Nadia girlfriend at the institute of foreign languages. Vitya I know bad, but he's, like, a bad guy, and convivial. After a long journey we were sitting by the fireplace frozen, it seems, forever. There wine. Nadia knows how to make mulled wine, hot and sour, which warms us all sitting close to the fire. It's getting hot, and we laugh, sipping from a mug of cooling. It was thought Vitina, which he said almost in a

I love my wife

I love my wife, and probably always loved her. It is, above all, of carnal love. What we get up in the early years, there was no fatigue. Sleepless nights, after one orgasm is followed by another. Not needed not any stimulant, no matter your mood and trouble. It was enough to look at one another as soon have the desire. But over the years, but it sounds corny. "Love" became less prolonged, orgasms are not so stormy and bright, erection more sluggish. Irina increasingly in the evening wanted to sleep, tired at work, I later would sit at the TV, referring to an interesting movie or football. But if you happened proximity to everything was at a decent level, we had to invent some new positions, new roles. Knowing each square centimeter of his wife's body, and it is mine, it seemed difficult to surprise each other, but miracles happen. We have already engaged in oral sex, but one night after a small quarrel, I was a little drunk, and his wife just got to suck my dick. Taking

Vacation together

Inspecting our financial resources, we stopped on a variant with a trip to Bulgaria. I've already been there once more before he met with Natalia. Then another young and divorced, I went there with her boyfriend, the same light-hearted young man. We had fun strolling through restaurants, of which there are many on the coast, got acquainted with the same carefree girls, in short, everything is as it should be. But now I - 30 deep, with me - his wife. The daily our was as follows: in the morning - on the beach, after lunch - either in Varna, or just lay in nomenre, and in the evenings we crawled out to dinner in some restaurant. Each time - in the new. One day while sitting at the table of the restaurant outdoors, contemplating the sea at night and listening to the musicians, we met with Tolik and Marina. They were from Moscow. Shred was probably 40 or a little more. Not very tall, tight, with dark hair framing his bald head, he was ready to talk for hours on any subject, demonstrating