We have with sex!

It all began in the evening of the previous day ... the girls came up to me champagne vypit..sidim pem..uzhe drank a lot and arrived my husband ... my girls are divorced. Her husband sat with us the girls I bed and went to sleep we'll take it in the morning in komandirovku..on fucked me in my place, and I fell asleep ... and it turned out even down to the girls and fucked them both and left ... and in the morning we ... hangover girls stood and told me ... he had them before fucked as it turned out ... so I decided to take revenge ... Lenka said drove around the city ... and we saw soldiers ... took with them ... was brought home to us ... flooded the bath, we are preparing ... they got there the two old men and four young ... first in a bath went to the elderly and showered ... come I cook well and the girls decided with them to have sex went to the top, I went to the bath towels to carry ... I go and there n the locker room two naked soldier standing ... they saw me and they both

Viewing porn - part 3

Padruzhka studied at another school. Previously, she studied there. For some prichanam she went to our school she did not want to say I have not quizzed. And here we are on the way to her house. In those stories, I did not describe her room, so that's - her room was large and beautifully furnished. On the shelves there were many things that for which they were known only to her. All of them were beautiful, tastefully decorated. Large sofa bed has been carefully removed. On a large desk which stood at the window, was a computer. And everything else - there type carpets tablecloths, etc. and etc. General procedure she was perfect. I was always sat behind the coffee table and began to leaf through a magazine then. It is, yes by the way her name was Ira, Ira puttered in the kitchen as usual made boutiques and tea. Doorbell. Open the door - Ira shouted from the kitchen, it's probably Olga came - that was the name of her girlfriend. I opened the door. On the threshold stood a girl well,

Efforts with pleasant consequences

Earnings in both were good and they lived well. Changed one-bedroom apartment on the three-room. Volodya spoke of a second child, he wanted a daughter, but it did not work trips are not contributing actively work on increasing their family. His absence for three to four weeks, at home he was a week and sometimes even less, Vera began to treat sex as a kind of duty. When home husband must give him what he wanted to do it at night climb on it, and insert fucked, panting, and finished just waddled over and fell asleep. Vera used to not think about anything else. It has been 13 years since the wedding, and life went on as usual. Son just turned 11 years old, Volodya is not the first time was on a business trip at the time of the birth, and not only his son and his wife and his. When he arrived, he made a real holiday, Volodya navz gifts, invited guests, walked for two days. The holiday was a success. Five days later Volodya went in flight, we were left alone with Vlad. Two days later

Last summer

Three years ago, when we were with Grandma, it was a small village of 100 inhabitants, people, and now in the village were three old ladies plus dogs cats and other pets, Grandma said that, thank God, that the electricity is turned off. Yes, it was great, what I'm doing here alone, but my grandmother comforted that even to the two neighbors have guests coming soon and will not be bored beside the river fishing berries, mushrooms Agriculture will not be bored. In general there was no where to go, the mother left two days later and began my village life. Helped granny, carrying water on watering, feeding rabbits drowned bath on Wednesdays and Saturdays twitched weeds, and more time spent on the river, fishing, swimming, telly in the evening, although it showed only two programs, so look there was nothing special. Granny do their own thing tomatoes, cucumbers, and everything else in her garden full of everything grown, the weather is good and the harvest lane as Grandma said. Granny

Teenage experiments

In those days in school physical education classes have introduced compulsory sports uniform - boys' underpants and T-shirt (for cowards dressed swimming trunks - so no farm grown clambered out), introduced for girls tracksuits in a closed leotard. This item girl's toilet was very by the way, could be seen naked, slender legs classmates, outstanding forward breast shapes and sizes, from small, slightly swollen nipples skinny Svetka Kovaleva rounded up, sloshing from side to side "buffer" the fat woman Irki Nazarova. Under swimwear panties not guessed, and how they will dress - will stick. It is often discussed between "male" half the class. So in the locker room devchyonki have to strip naked, as it was shot and dressed a suit through a cut-out neck. Spy did not work as a window in the dressing rooms were painted over with white paint, letting in only the light of day and not look anxious teenager. To pick a hole was pointless - the wall between the changing

Viewing porn - part 4

Included my homework please, then we'll talk. Well, I said, and headed toward her house. A few minutes later I was standing on the doorstep of her apartment. Reveal to me so I would not say that the sick person. Ira was fun, blush on her cheeks, she said that neither a disease was not. Hi, she said, and dragged me into the apartment. And you were not at school - I asked. A zasharila. The old man said that a headache, especially tomorrow subbota.Nu they said - stay home. During the three days will pass your head and went to the cottage that is celebrated by all his team. This means that all the output they will not. Come into my room, I am now, you'll make some tea. The room was already sitting Olya. That's you, I just did not want to see - I thought, and after greeting sat down in a chair. Olya boutique chewed on it she muttered something non-members separately. Once Olga here - I thought Irishka means that to something. Ira came in, put peredomnoy tea. Well, what you're asked. I

Mysteries of the female soul, Part 3

"It is interesting to look at the destruction", I thought and returned to the balcony, looked back with the help of a mirror. It was not cleaned. The mattress still on the floor on a mattress, covered with nothing more than not slept Marina. Lay it on its side, almost on his stomach, face down, apparently closing the eyes from the sun. The room seems to be no one there was "Well, Alex is gone, and the sea ran Olya," I realized. Then I put the mirror, and just leaning over the railing, looked to the balcony to the marina to the naked eye. She slept great, almost in a fetal position, legs bent at the knees and sticking out a good ass. In a corner of the balcony, I noticed a pile of the yellowish mass, which barely acknowledged use condoms. "How many are there, I wonder? 10? 15?" I thought. But the answer was not able to look for me - I suddenly heard the sound of turning in the door lock key. And in the door lock of my room, 1106. "Hell, there is a

Mysteries of the female soul, Part 4

- Oh ... - suddenly said Marina. - What? - It seems out of me follows you ... - Do not be scared - will flow down to the ground, - the man said. - Yes... And at that moment Olga suddenly sat down heavily and looked under the bench, then he reached out and held her there for a long time. A minute later, pulling it from under the bench, she smiled triumphantly, silently, looking into my eyes. He showed his hand - it was a remarkable pool of sperm that flowed from the ass Marina and flowed into the gap between the poles of the bench. Olga stared at her, slightly tugged his hand in hand, as if checking viscosity, and then suddenly touched pools language. Shielding his eyes, she savored the feeling bolder and more licked and savored again, look away from me. And the third time, licked, almost half the contents of her hands, swallowed in one gulp. Opening the eyes and a mischievous smile, she wiped her palm on the back of the back of the bench, and then,

Learning Russian. Lesson two.

The next day, I deliberately dressed stricter, in a suit with a skirt below the knee. Neither give nor take teacher pigweed Ivanna. Never mind, let the entourage will. In due time the doorbell. Came my Vanka. Eyes to the floor, all have red. Remembers, you see, yesterday's humiliation. Ah, Vanya, that you still have to! I look at it strictly command to undress and go to my room. As at that time I did not give the sneakers. I sit down at a table and order the book to give me a job. He clearly trembling with fear, hands. It seems even paler. - So so - I declare - for every missing comma two stroke belt by the pope. For spelling - five. He shivers, but, with a sigh, nodding. Broken down, you see, already. I kind of emollient. - Well, Vanya, much much got yesterday? He nods and sighs again. On the face of the world's grief. - Come on, show me - I command. He blushes have a boiled rock, but the debate is no longer addressed. He turns back to me, unbuttons his pants and lower a


So this time we bought and went to look for a dry place. But as the above mentioned weather was terrible, we went into the first staircase and climbed to the top floor, uncorking bottles cans. Drain the vessels, we came out of the stuffy porch (thank God none of us did not smoke at all, or have come to his senses and gave up, but something more would smelled cigarette smoke) on the street. Proshatavshis in the rain for half an hour, we went to the apartment to Danilo, because everything got wet, but the apartment was dry, warm and most importantly was not his ancestors. More day before I noticed what eyes glancing at me Nastya, and therefore was attached to it as soon as we came out of the house, as she was too pretty to me. The yard was the end of February and the road was full of ice. I walked over to the Anastasia, which is difficult to keep balance on the ice, and said, "Hold on to me." She apparently did not mind and took my hand. After a while, I let go of her hand