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My wife and I decided to have a party before the new year. It drew a lot of friends and acquaintances. We drank, played cards and danced the night away. It was very fun and cool. My wife has a slightly stocky build and very large breasts. Her hair is burning black and dark skin, so she is very much like a Spaniard than Russian. She was twenty-eight years, all eyes of men throughout the night were glued to her boobs. Pretty drunk, she no longer adhere to the etiquette and led intimate conversations with the guests. Some of them told me what my wife is hot stuff. She tottered awkwardly among the crowd, swinging from side to side with their tits. After midnight is all pretty get drunk as a pig, people became less and less. Finally, we were only together with Angela. She said she was tired and order in the house will direct tomorrow. I myself wanted to sleep, I said that I will come, only a smoke before bedtime. Sitting in the room in a chair asleep. I was awakened by the ringing of

Viewing porn - Part 5 - Olya

Sit poprazdnuem. I agreed. Fed up of piggy bank money and ran to the store to buy something out of a gift and flowers. An hour later I was at Oli. She met me smiling. Come into the room, said Olga, and hid in the kitchen. for two - table was already laid in the room. I realized that the more visitors it will not wait. Well, let's sit down, open the champagne, and I do Olya said cheerfully. Zapenilos Champagne in glasses. Since it was hot the first glass we drank in one gulp. Light hop hit in the head. Olga offered sandwiches with caviar. Ensued easy conversation on various topics. Here Olga reached for the tape recorder and turned on the music. Poured pleasant music. I poured more champagne. Small sips and we drained the second glass. Well, perhaps it's time to dance and flushed with drink, smiling Olya said. Slowly stood up and walked towards me. With pleasure - I said, and we hugged. It was so good. We began to stroke each other. We danced and kissed, then our lips lightly against

School Queen

Their parents met two years ago, and a week later got married, and when Lisa's father fucked mother Mickey, then in the next room had roughly Mickey Lisa. Of course, it was their great mystery and a great sex, which is nowhere obligated not native relatives. Lisa had a boyfriend Dean, the most popular guy in school, which at any moment had to pick her up in a limousine to effectively take her to the ball graduates. Suddenly Lisa entered the room Mickey, and glancing at the girl sat down on her bed. Lisa glared at him. - What do you need? - Crudely asked Lisa, densely spreading plump lips shine. - Why so angry? - Mickey asked, indignant tone stepsister. - The animal, I asked him not so rude - she was outraged. - You like. - I've got everything hurts, idiot, and at night I have plans. - And, sure, Dean. - Exactly. - Well, I think this is a good reason to finally try to do it from behind. Although it is a pity that I will not be the first - Mickey said, stroking his cock

Curious case. extension

I did not expect that we will engage in anal sex, at least not today. Remembering the feeling that caused Sasha member, being in my ass, I could not help again excited. Girls sometimes Delhi-were your impressions of the first anal experience, but often their stories were filled with negative emotions, which causes a sharp pain on the hasty introduction of a member in the ass unprepared. It's me the most frightened and, taking into account the size of Sasha's body. But no, I did not feel sharp pain, of course, in the beginning it was a little painful, but pretty soon the pain grew into a strong pleasure when testicles knocking on the lips sex, when the head of the penis nezhnenko rubbed on the wall of the vagina. We have had another twenty-four hours, so I was determined that it was not to stop there. With these thoughts, I turned to the side and tried to sleep. Reality sharply back to me, opened my eyes, I sat down on the bed. it was already light in the room. It turned out that in my

Anya - 2

- Hello Anya. As a young life? - Good. Why do not you call? - As usual, spun, I ran. In addition, if you do not know you want to continue with me acquaintance after that I worked with your mouth. - And what are you doing? I myself wanted to. - That is, I was just a tool? - No, well, why? You liked me, and besides, I had to pay the fare. - Laughing on the other end Anya. - I would have brought you and the gift. But I liked your gratitude. If you want another ride - safely handle. - Actually, I'm on this subject and call. My friend and I are going to my cottage, and drag myself to things no desire. So I thought: could you help us? - With pleasure. But where to go? - In Volokolamsk. - Hmm: a long way, but you refuse, I can not. When we go? - Oh, thank you very much. We were going in the morning, but if you have otvezesh, then when you're comfortable. And: for we will not rust. - Even so? You're not jealous? You want me to share with a friend. - Well, no: that is not jealous.

Utkin Adventures in the hospital. Episode 2.

SCENE 2. In the women's ward. I myself felt ashamed, so everything turned awkwardly. I somehow managed to finish writing and pulled his pants. Ale is a reproach on his face walked over to the sink and demonstratively prispustila their pants below the knees. Opening the tap, she soaked palm and apparently for show (apparently, "so do the good girls") carefully washed her little slit between her legs, looking at me with a sense of the winner: "So what are you - even after using the toilet pussy not wash? We have a kindergarten teacher of all causes, and the boys - especially! Hand wash though, slut! " I did not notice when the toilet has gone big lass in a white coat and began wiping mop floors. Suddenly, with the words: "The most, or what, piss?" She climbed on to the platform and stood over the toilet, lifted up the hem above the navel. No panties under the robe she was not, and the belly protruded bundle of black hair at the bottom, cheeky