He was 12 let.Byl he built, high podrostok.Na it was a white shirt, white trousers, legs were sandalii.Maks went to the mirror, and began to examine myself. Palm touched the neck, then began to fall below. Chest, elastic stomach. Hand fumbled below. He began to unbutton his pants, the other hand was under the shirt. Max stood in the same white shorts and examined himself. The long, beautiful neck, broad shoulders, small breasts, flat stomach. Slightly tanned, beautiful legs. Between the legs, he stood a mound. He stood. Max looked at the mound, and began to pull at his left hand. He took off his pants. Small penis stood at attention. He began to stroke the penis. He liked it - he felt some weakness in the groin. He lay down on the couch and spread his legs, took two member rukami.Odnazhdy night, Max heard a creak. He quietly got up and tried to determine the source of the squeak. His older brother was sleeping in his room. Max saw a brother to masturbate, faster and faster. Then came

Dotting the i's

In any case, I must admit that I put up with him for a long time. All these "Give-fetch". "Dishes are washed? Now suck!". "Honey, I'm home from work! Give chmoknu on the cheek. And now on his knees, whore and suck!" and stuff like that. Year hateful garbage and any ohueesh or go mad. I still do not understand which option I got. And you know what the taste of dick adult man after a hard day's work. Who also gets something through time? Do not know? Can you try it once, in any of his friend. Something is wrong? And why do you think that we like those stinking perepreloy urine and God knows what kind of nasty garbage tassels? In general, this bitch again priperlas home from work. And I waited. Actually, I'm not waiting for one, but he did not know about it. Dressed with of being a cheap porn. True leather lingerie was not, but black stockings, suspenders and bra were found. He closed the door and turned around stunned. "Hello dear!" It seems

Fantasia on a Theme 2

Today, you have prepared something special for me, is that "always set the type of our relationship". So you skazala.Ya was lost in conjectures .... On the one hand I was afraid, I was afraid of the unknown. On the other hand I was afraid to hear that you no longer need the services of my Mistress. I therefore fully complied with your wishes and decided to go to kontsa.Kak always, I emerged from the bathroom in some swimming trunks and went into the bedroom. I'm in a hurry, because delayed. And my landlady does not like to wait. I was very nervous, so all of my valilos ruk.Voydya into the room, I saw you standing by the window. On you was your coat to the knee, which extends to the bottom and hid all, and high-heeled boots. I decided that something happened and you urgently need to go !!! I was shocked and stood on poroge.- You make me wait - you said, not even obernuvshis.- What's wrong? - I was upset, so I forget about all the rules povedeniya.- Why did you decide? And why

Vacation with his nephew

My cousin married a second time and actually left her 13 year old son on my upbringing. The boy went to live at my house, and I became involved in his upbringing. Our relations gradually became more than friendly: I'm thirty years old was not married and attached to him as his own son, and he, in turn, began to call me dad quite often. That summer I was finally able to come loose from the cases and decided to meet sixteenth nephew of the sea. The nephew had already become a tall, handsome young man: dark skin, black curly hair, aquiline nose made him a very nice and attractive. I have often watched him turn around in the street girl, but my nephew was still a virgin and did not even have his girlfriend. Concerned about his shyness with girls, I decided that the sea is required to help him to give up his virginity and his birthday in bed he would meet with some beauty. From the first night we had started to hunt for the girls. We went to the disco, to bars, just trying to evening the

With no favorite rastavatsya

Between me and my wife there was another quarrel. My heart felt unbearable pain. "Where did I go wrong? Why the beloved grown cold toward me? Apparently, too, I tightened the process of cognition of its natural origin. During and did not notice that her interest in me was rapidly disappearing. Her love outbreaks were only pitiful embers ... But something remains !!! So, all is not lost!"In the evening, some unseen force she pushed me to ney.Dver wife opened immediately. It seems that she was standing near the door and waited for my call. But it was not really so. She just put things "marafet" front of the mirror, straightening his dressing gown, which I, by the way, she gave as a birthday. Frankly, it's my wife looked very attractive. Her eyes did not express surprise. Apparently, she knew that I was still coming. With feigned smile she greeted me. After a moment, she jumped out of her daughter. As usual we warmly embraced. I gave her a big red apple. She was

Crawling along the wire

One summer evening the desire for sex because I got so hot that I had made tremendous audacity. After waiting for when it's completely dark, I went to the window and opened it. Yes ... Fifth floor - no joke. I carefully stood with his feet on the windowsill. Dressed I was in T-shirt and tights. But I decided to get rid of even these pieces of clothing ... Throwing off all together with shorts on the floor, I was completely naked, standing on the windowsill and looked around at the sides. And our house was shaped "T"So right you could see the neighboring windows. Some light was still burning. I chose one of the windows on the lower floor, just on the part of the house, which was at an angle of ninety degrees to the mine. From a nearby window down at a slight angle down a thick cable. Apparently the antenna. According to it, I decided to propolzti.Ostorozhno clutching at him, I hung it on one hand. Naked, I hung at a height of fifteen meters. Thank God, there were no


1 Anne and Jeanne learned in the last class. Both tall, slender girl with a beautiful figure. If not for a different hair color - Anya was a blonde, a brunette and Jeanne - they would be mistaken for twins. Both girls played sports, and not nonsense like running or jumping in length. Jeanne engaged Sambo and Anya - karate. This time they did not come in handy ... once tried to rape her friends in the park late at night the company of five or six youths. Looks like this was far from the first such adventure. Fragile girls showed what they were able to teach the teachers failed rapists ... scattered throughout the park, and the leader of the girls caught a long time and beaten in the balls down. Especially trying to Jeanne ... not so long ago, my mother's friend raped by a gang of scoundrels like. But most importantly, what is agreed and Anne Jeanne ... they were lesbians and lovers. First on the subject I spoke Jeanne, a more resolute. -Look, Anya. I went on the Internet to

A party

America. City of Santa Barbara. As always 13 year old Max was walking along the streets of different home newspaper (as some children work part time in America). It was a hot sunny day. And he came to the house where the girl lived like him. He reached the fence and saw her .. It was a girl about 14, she had long white hair, a beautiful slender legs and rather attractive ass. She had beautiful breasts, which was already large enough. And her name was Jenna. She sat and ride on a swing which was tied to a tree. Max came into the yard: - I brought you the newspaper. - Max said. - Thank you. - Jenna said, and took the newspaper began to approach his lips to his. He closed his eyes and went to meet her. They approached his lips together and ::. Alarm call. Max tapped the switch button and the sound ceased. - Aaahh.- sighed Max - This dream was cool. He got out of bed and went to the mirror. He stood before the mirror and said: - Really today I'll go to class 7 ?! - Max looked

In the basement

Once upon a time, in 14 years we had a company, we all spent time in the basement, where we had a room with an iron door, sofa, table and all sorts of back kind, tape recorder, small cupboard. There has always been a lot of people, I came after all and left early. One day I decided to be absent from class, and sit in the basement seemed to me a great idea, because the street was November, I asked Sasha datmne completed, he invited me to meet in the basement at 9 am and it is open to me. The next morning I arrived he was not there at the door, I found him in the basement uee. I went, stripped (there was always tepllo even hot), on my own way collapsed on the couch. We sat talking, listening to music, he suddenly stood up and closed the door, and suddenly someone says, we will do not have to interfere? "Take off your clothes!" - he said. Of course, I asked him not to do anything with me, but knowing his position is not particularly zealous. From the cabinet he took a


Twilight came suddenly over-year. After some 10 minutes, it was difficult to discern the face of graduates, solemnly lined up at its last line of the Lyceum. The heat gradually subsided. In the dark thickets of knotweed, densely covered with a running lawn, he tightened his eternal song night violinist - Cricket. From the windows of the nearby student hostel showered all the choicest American expletives "white guy" Eminem. Drowning his refined speech of the speakers at the Lyceum porch blaring anthem of Independent States:"Soul E th tlo set for our freedom! .." A strange trio! I looked at the excited girls dress discharged in the most solemn and unimaginable styles for boys, awkward and chained in strict evening dress. Their faces were joyful, cheerful. But this cheerfulness wing some unusual doom. Somehow unexpectedly, suddenly matured my classmates and schoolmates ... I wonder, I do look older than usual - solemn meeting dedicated to the end of 11th grade, allow