Ebl # HICLES blues

When I'm with you ebus, The soul sounds wistful blues! In it there is no memorized passages, He is always fresh and always new! And let the year rushing gallop And time, as if an evil executioner, But this ever-new blues Will not lose to the fucking taste! Glides elastic pussy And melts the ice lumps evil, One of the ice budnechnyh worries I then I do not fuck! No taboo in this music ... I am here and I'll fuck, Improvising always, So as not to miss pussy! And I'm wading in your mouth, Not to forget my tart taste, Any desire not afraid, When sounds blues promiscuous!

The cassette with porn

This happened a few years ago. My wife had a friend, her name was Helen, who once said in conversation that her friend has a porn tape in which a man sucks dick from himself. I was very interested, but I did not show it. After a while I came to her work and among other things in the conversation asked to take from their familiar tape for me. It turned out that this friend of accountant I knew her as a collaborator. They are about something and whispered her name as Val looked at me with a smile, and then my friend came to me and said that Val will ask her husband Volodya and if he will bring it tomorrow. The next day we came home Lena and they chatted with the wife of his female trifles and I was looking forward to when she tells me about the tape. But while everything was going, and she had not thought about it. Finally, improving the moment when his wife came out, I asked her, brought or not. Lena said that tonight Val and her husband will not walk away from our house and bring it

Happy day

My name is Christina and I am 33 years. I am married and have a fifteen year old daughter Xenia. I work in a large company, engaged in the sale of mobile phones. Sometimes I sleep with my boss, and my husband knows about it. Before the wedding, we decided that we will sometimes change their sexual partners, for a change so to speak. And here I am sitting in my office and climb on porn sites. Having found a couple of very interesting pictures, I spread her legs and put his hand into the pants. Parting, lips sex and began to pull at her clitoris, and the most interesting place I interrupted by a phone call. Cursing, I picked up the phone. - Hello, Christine? - There was a bass voice of my boss. - Yes, Mikhail Alexandrovich, I'm listening. - I twittered, closing the window with the sites. - Today, I come a couple of very interesting people to sign a contract, and you must be present. - Said the chief. I knew all I had to sleep with these "interesting people". -

Universal key

When I worked as a night attendant at a large office centers, most of all I enraged inhabitants, or rather the inmates of the third floor. I do not know what the firm that paid their salaries, but picked them as twins - each could safely call the office bitch. To be fair, it was difficult to judge who is there for them, boss and secretary, who, young and, hell, every one is very nice, they called each other by name and kept quite friendly. Together. I do not know, may be a long chat in a purely women's team led to the fact that these men fighting friend obviously did not put a penny and never miss the opportunity to demonstrate this. What I had suffered from them for a few months of work, you would not wonder me they perceived as ordinary janitor and by the way as well, and called, among themselves, it is true, but loud enough to be heard was. But I am constantly watched some poor guy, a visitor there, came to him in the case, a colleague from another floor or even accidentally met on

A start

In 13 years, it seems that the whole world at your feet! I was no exception. Carefree childhood have not ran, but I customized it. For adult life will bring so many discoveries, which so far only guess. When new acquaintances with men always attribute to themselves a few years. Being a clever girl and soon formed my tales easily swallowed, as a rule, older uncle. I blossomed. The time has come when a few fans became, somehow at the same time hinting at a more intimate relationship. We had to be addressed. I opted for Michael. A young man with a good figure and attractive face perfectly played guitar and sang. At his court admired many girls, but he persistently courted only for me. Yes, an excellent candidate! It sluchilos13 April at his apartment. Passionate kisses inflamed me, and I let down lower than the previously surveyed his lips places. Feelings were unusual. Fear, curiosity, shame, all mixed up. But I decided to go further. Here is his skillful hands, disposing of the

I do not know what's going on

Dedicated to my beloved Toporkova Nadezhda! I do not know what's going on, I'm not sure of his feelings. And love as passes Exit from the two of us. We quarrel over and over again, And both are standing on his own. There are three of these words When we're together? You say you love And you can not live without me, But this relationship ruin - You say you do not love!

Forest walk

You agreed to meet at the edge and go for a walk in the woods. When you came, he was already in place and waited in the shade, leaning against the trunk of a tree. - Come on, - He took you by the hand and led him along the path almost imperceptible. - On this trail unknown practically anyone and nobody goes there. You moved far enough, suddenly, he turned to you and said ... - Take off your clothes. - Here? - Yes! Look, you pulled a T-shirt and took off her bra. - Completely? - Of course! You have put off the rest and went forward. He picked up odezhku and went after him. - Do not be afraid, do not look back, go forward, you have heard, and followed by the rustle of bushes behind. You sharply looked back and saw that he was gone. - Walk straight! - Heard you from afar. Alone in the woods, naked, wearing light sandals. Shame has been touched up a modicum of fear, but little trampled undecided you still went ahead along the path. Progal appeared among the trees. You

Gentle massage

You come home tired, you eat and ... prohodesh the bedroom, there is a gentle and warm light from candles, warm summer breeze, made his way through the slit window, kalyshit candle flame and gently slides over the skin and in my light dressing gown, I come back and tidy I take off your clothes, my hands feel your body ... You lozhishsya on the bed, I ask you to lie on your stomach, I sit on top, you feel a gentle touch of silk and my skin, I do massage, you can call it erotic, in your body run shivers of pleasure, my hands glide over your body, you're completely relaxed and enjoying yourself, then you feel kisses running through the back, the heat spreads through your body-light ecstasy, you perevorachivaeshsya and start my kiss passionately, our lips closed in a single kiss, your heat is transferred to me, my-you, you shoot my pinyuar thy gaze touched my body, my neck, my chest, my stomach, your hands grab my waist and pressed against all the stronger our bodies merged, you want me,


Another story that happened to my girlfriend in 1998godu. Not a great hostel. old style house, built probably 60s .. A narrow long corridor. As probably in all dorm, on the windowsill bunch of ash, beer bottles on the floor of the same thing - cigarette butts, crumpled pack of cigarettes under. Somewhere in the narrow dark corridor and heard someone shout, I felt children cry toli again who is scheduled regular booze. By the end of the corridor is not clear what the shade, probably junkies gathered again. I walk down the hall, pulling keys from his jacket pocket. In the hallway is dark, not a damn thing to be seen, almost to touch find my door, and another minute probably pick at the keyhole trying to get the key. Finally, open, and I hit it. I can say to his home. Small one bedroom apartment, in the same room I live, the second is empty. There's a long time no one lives. The door closes and the lock, but since there's nobody there, it is open, no one to close and shut down. There's


At the perfect time, when I was fourteen years old and we went to school, suddenly awakened in me a desire to try gay sex. It all started with the fact that I dreamed that one of my classmate, I sucks. It was so nice that I woke up with a protruding member for a long time could not calm down. About a week after school, we went to the Pasha, the same one classmate, and the conversation went about the fact that we all care, namely about sex and our pipiski. We talked about that, who like fingering as pleased about the feeling of orgasm. These conversations led to the fact that we both lowered his pants to his knees, and began nadrachivat our pods, showing off his ability to masturbate. We both finished, with it was much nicer than before, alone, such a strong orgasm ... All this is for both of us liked it, and we continued our studies: one week we decided to try "dick in her mouth". I first tried it. Trying not to breathe, I grabbed his lips Pashin member and held it a few