There are women - neither Cisco nor pussy

There are women - neither Cisco nor pussy, But we want them no power, And as they say in English: Are they sex The appeal! Magnet have something under her skirt, Or the smell of magic in pussy: But we your lousy pipes To drive back to mudey! Neither age nor the difference of nations, No class antagonism Do not squander ban With such even a lifetime! And surprise beauties Try vyznat secret: How can this be so like, When the beauty in you not?!. But again, for this flame by a pussy Dutifully trailing Dicks, I passed all the external examinations It is on the art of love! In Russia, there are so many! Ebm we do not keeping forces! Though in this lucky, thank God, Otherwise - we absolutely Khan!

In the backwaters of the Dnieper

In 1964 our family moved from Kiev to Kherson. New city, new friends, new worries, that's only the old problems remain. Cum, literally boiling in my eggs and required output. To exit need new experiences, and where to get them in a new city. Very soon, my new friends suggested: Creek. In Kherson, the left bank of the Dnieper the same low, as in Kiev. This is not a water park or zasrat crap Truhanov island. Until the horizon ocean pristine sand, bushes verboloza and silver poplars. small clearings scattered among this splendor, as if by sun rays in the buff. Hunting for sunbathing has become my hobby for many years. Hunting is a serious and dangerous. We passed it by the company with the men. There could catch and cool nakostylyat. Do not we approached and meadows with mixed pairs. There could run (very accurately) weighty drin between the shoulder blades. We looked for a girl's company. All my friends had fun: river pebbles (with the first throw) to get to the hairy triangle or in


You're standing in front of me. Nothing to say. You like there was nothing to say, nothing to remember. For you it was just a game. but you are lost, and have not learned to love. Your game has begun with the first meeting, from the very first sight, forever chained me to you. What for? What those happy moments spent together, what are you afraid remember now. Last day with you. Beside. Your eyes, formerly blue, now the cast and the greyness bezrazlichiem.Na face clearly loomed indifference. Last time I looked at you. Lyubimuyu.Lovila every move of your beautiful eyelashes, sexual gub.Ya all in you love. I did not play. Hearts are filled with fear and neuverennostyu.Ya not want you to say these words to accept in the game. This fabulous and such realnoy.Ne wanted to hear these words, shrapnel pierced my heart. But you did not care. You told them. You priznalas.V one moment you destroy the world, that I was trying to build for tebya.Lyubov shattered. Happiness can not come

Tanya toy. Part 2

This is a continuation of the first part. We Dima finally found the time to write. Has run an unusual adventure in the summer camp, we returned to the city, and everything was as before. Beginning of the school year, all shared their summer impressions, and someone and intimate secrets. My girlfriend Marina, for example, managed to give up her virginity. She was 14 years old in the summer and then she decided to indulge in a real sex. I envied her, and become thoughtful: it can, and I can not for some reason? Especially because I already tried in the mouth and in the ass. From these thoughts in my sweet ache somewhere in the abdomen, and the eyes of the figure ran classmates. Only with someone to try? With the guys from the class? No, better than those of the pioneer camp. They will be easier. In the meantime, we must ask Marinka about her feelings. Marinka proudly told me that she had it at as many as six times, with the same man five years older than her. The first time was

In the country

I woke up early Tuesday morning. I looked out the window. The sun was rising, blowing a cool breeze. It was about 19 degrees Celsius. Soon the father woke up, and we went to the country. As we walked to the train, I noticed that the people in the cottages is almost there. The day passed quickly. It was already 7:00, the weather is wonderful, and I decided to walk along the road. I went out with our street and walked up the rocky road. I thought that soon the sun begins to set. At the top was a clearing in the middle of which a road somewhere far away. The people did not exist. Silence. I turned left and walked along this road. Right meters in 50 cottages could be seen. Suddenly out of the tall grass there was a little boy. I told him: - "Well, you scared me!" The boy smiled and went on the road. I immediately gave him a look. He was in some short shorts and sandals. I was in a T-shirt, shorts but I was much more authentic. He, like I was entirely without sun. I

We took the company has a cock

I otmazatsya from the army but by working otmazatsya impossible so always need money. And since I was not an ace in the study I went to work at the guys at the firm assistant electrician. They gave us what we call in the children's section of the colony where repair and redo the wiring and all sorts of garbage in this case. And here I am at work as the main and only assistant electrician, as the people say, Come hither went not bother. For the second day I noticed the local jokes that are not yet understood but it was very interesting to know that's what. Boy 17 years (there were boys from 14 to 18 years) beckoning to her friend named Kate that was 15 as I later found out and then heard the same treatment to the other only of the named Vika. I was very curious as to why some of the boys called female names? I began my investigation Colombo crappy. And at the first opportunity to get acquainted with Katya, cute kid, but all of them with the same names are cute, even if there were

No offense...

Again, about the same and about those But, do not be offended. To some it is a terrible sin ... To love! - Give - Give yourself to the joy of the soul, Mutual laughter, friendship, But ... the body is still not in a hurry. Keep love - ably. We love! Loves All around - Life of Love is going, But you again - do not rush. Should that be - it would happen. Will come, believe me, your love - Part of the pink world What would your blue sky, Himself overshadowed!

Why think about something when you're near

At the head of any thoughts ... Why think about something, when you're around ... When you're about to become my own, and I am yours ... I do not want to think about anything ... Desire ... passion waves rolls me and douse the heat that prevents thinking and forcing me to hold back, not to throw at you ... in the twilight of the room, I see your eyes, I find it hard to guess what you're thinking, what's in front of ... fear, desire, embarrassment. .. I do not know ... I serve you a glass of wine and offer a gesture to sit down on the sofa ... and he with exactly the same glass, standing in front of you ... We silently and slowly drink wine, studying each other ... you get up and come to me, unbuttoning his shirt, your hand touches my breasts, gently, gently, tentatively ... I hug your waist and our lips merge in a kiss, at first light, then more and more passionate, never-ending ... your lips, I I'll go crazy with them ... Suddenly I suspend you, and begin to take off her clothes ...

Vanina birthmark

Chapter first There was nothing surprising in the fact that Vanya Rassudina on his right hand, where it is rounded, passing on the shoulder, - had a birthmark in the shape of a triangle or a heart, if the reader so it seems more poetic. There was nothing surprising, because one is not, although not on the shoulder or in the form of heart? - There was nothing surprising in the fact that the mole has not been seen, and who saw it did not pay special attention. Several surprising was that this morning, standing at the open, but curtained Kise window itself Vanya did not look at the yard and blossoming lilac him, not on the blue summer sky, not running around Nero, - and in his hand, squinting and dangling sleeve shirts. Let's hand was very nice, in adolescence almost thin, but round, from the early sun and birthmarks which seemed white and rosy - but watch what quarter of an hour on his own hand? Nevertheless, this contemplation is obviously very took the boy, as a knock on the door, he

Private lessons

The day preceding the The first stars appeared in the deepening twilight. But for the audience this evening at Mr. Vincent, to celebrate the graduation of his daughter, Joyce, this circumstance did not make absolutely no difference. Night in front of a long, alcoholic beverages, are now allowed for yesterday's students is enough space in the garden as much as necessary. The most fun is now reigned at the pool, where young people danced to the upbeat fast music or sat in pairs at cozy tables. Two boys - brother of Joyce Sherman and his sidekick Philly - lay on the grass in the bushes not far from the main scene. They held optical instruments, Fili - marine binoculars, and Sherman large telescope, and in strict secrecy watched the fun. - Look, Sherman - Fili surprised - and what we have got here? would sit with the others, would have had finished the cake. - You're a fool, romance do not understand! - Sherman snapped. - There are teachers, parents ... Well, them! There navedesh pipe