Threesomes with his wife and servant

The dream of every man: a woman employee to turn into lustful funky bitch, and when the power over her is absolute and total, from it to make a maid servant, putting his wife and forcing both of you secretly jealous of each other me ... I do not expect to get so ... Are women so jealous and lustful when the two of them, and the Lord alone for two ... that a woman is always a woman humiliate stronger, turning it into a frightened mouse with cruel, selfish and domineering cat? I said that the new maid - our with her lustful and submissive toy with which you can get up to anything at that always and everywhere ... Oh, I moved away for a moment, and you're already crying silently, childish resentment and pain ... So you're dirty ssykuha, which is not to be washed away before you go to the Lord? that bitch so? and his wife, having lifted up your skirt, crawled under the panty two fingers you sharp and painful in pussy, climb it and wiped on your face my fingers ... So you're not

First time

My first time happened when I was 14 years old it was a girl from a parallel class, very beautiful, and on the face on the forms, we often hang out at my house after school because their parents were at work until the evening. First we started with kisses, and I allowed myself to caress caress her breasts as it was already far not the first time that I caressed his chest but pussy is not and never has touched. While friends chattered we removed the parent's room kissing and caressing each other. She stroked me but not fondle my penis. Almost after every such fondling I finished. Three days later, I finally got to her pussy, it was something that impression, I was still always came her friend, and as it turned out she was constantly spied on us. All the affection took place virtually without removing the clothes I koryachilsya and tried to get it up the pussy to her breast, she was not a virgin, and so quietly fucked her fingers. She always mokrela very strong and sometimes so sexy


The day was normal, it does not bode well. In the morning I, as always, had breakfast and went to work. The working day took place in a continuous bustle, but was cut call a friend, who had not heard it already seems an eternity in the middle of the day. He invited guests. In the evening, after the guests, we are pretty drunk and his wife were returning home. The road ran through a wasteland and a small river. On the banks of the river grew quite extensive thickets of some bushes. In autumn it gets dark early, and therefore although the time was eight hours, the street was dark enough. We walked to the river, and the wife, looking back on the parties said: Wait for me, I was fast. With these words, she went into the thicket. In my mind immediately surfaced excerpts from stories read on the Internet, and I followed her, unbuttoning the zipper on his jeans. The wife heard that I'm going back turned and wanted to say something, but I made her sit down and put in your mouth has already

About dream and life

How like: - I was 13 years old. He sat in his yard and replayed in my head images of porn, which looked at the neighbor. At that moment I was approached by my classmate. Her name was Val. She has already begun to appear breasts, and ass she had that right. But most of all I drove her crazy sponge - a fantasy I had the rich, and I could easily imagine how it makes me a blowjob. In the classroom, sitting in the classroom, I often imagined how her undress and caress her body is not yet definite shape. However, I am very ashamed to meet her eyes. She came over and said: "Roman, I have something interesting for you, follow me". I was very surprised because she never spoke to me before, but still got up and trudged behind her. I was walking a little behind and saw her ass fitted by jeans. That now would stick his hand between her buttocks - flashed through my head. And then she turned and looked at me almost caught her ass! I'm terribly blushed and thought she was going to say

No panties

Do you like to go for a walk with your loved ones? and if he will remove before leaving your panties? That's right, climb under the hem and saying nothing will remove and put them in your pocket ... and say we go ... You know how excited when a lady under a thin dress there is nothing? I tried to go with a man on a visit in such a garment? tickle the nerves themselves and those who will notice you on the absence of these elements skimpy clothes? will not be much troubled by indiscreet glances chur thoughtful men who are looking more closely understand what is missing under her dress? We stay at the party? tease men? You see how they are trying to start a conversation with you? drink, something to whisper in your ear, as if by accident and unintentionally snuggle up to you ... and how much they have in the eyes of the awakened sparks desire and passion for you ... and thinking about ... when before you this luxury girl .. . Guess what it would be if I was not close today? how are you

Neighborhood Star

Otfachili me and I blushed, Big tits overflowing pride. I remembered the sight of the crowd undressed And suck two members felt vigor. As sperm were filled all the holes, In that anything can be inserted. And I was allowed in the apartment, To put the local impotent dick: As I licked the clitoris ihnim wives, Trying to soften the calluses on it. As someone picking his ass, Which ruthlessly flogged. Then he shoved my ass all products Who bought for the holiday: Bananas, sausage, hot dogs bay. Then for a long time in the kitchen drinking vodka: I glory made her pussy. And the ass hole stretched thorough. But I felt like a star. Let not the Russian scale, and locally.

Overcoming complexes, or as I start to teach first wife to swing

We communicated with her as colleagues, even before the marriage, the girl she had a board in absolutely uncomplexed, topics of conversation, we had a wide variety, including forbidden at the time. We worked in the system of the Ministry of Communications, was 200 kilometers between us, we never planned to meet, the night shift lasts forever, so we are whiling away the time on the clock hanging overhead channel telling each other all sorts of stories. In the 20 years she had a son from his first marriage, beautiful single woman has always been in game for men. We can not say. that she was a whore, but its nature is required. The terms of her acquaintances was very broad, ranging from "right"To solve problems, ending the relationship for the soul. She willingly told about funny sexy situations in which it got when it was in session (She studied in absentia). that is a part-time students at no cost to talk session. After a time of fellowship, I knew how big a member of her

Hot Summer

Spelling author maintained It was a hot summer, and my friends and I decided to water them with tents to the lake. How to choose and create one. The company selected is not very good. It was five guys and I podrugoi. Since hildren guys nebyli reliable, bolshii of the girls who did not want to water them etimi guys. Well shtozh podelaesh, I would like to very few easy days on the lake water them. Well, we have gathered, took two Tents, food, guys bought wine and vodka. We then had to podrugoi shestnadsat years. I took podrugoi kupalniki, and I dressed in tights, a bra is not put on as it was very hot, put on her panties and shorts covered. I put on sneakers. My breasts have nipples Vtorov size and how slivchiki. When walking time my breasts all the time podprigivala and rubbed in tights. It was perfectly visible from under my nipples tights. I was pleased when the nipples rubbed in tights. But the guys noticed my nipples, they are there podprigivayut. And I'm home about Babe is not

I, my brother and ...

I never thought that I could tell about the most intimate that happened in my life, carefully concealed from everyone and everything. It happened when I was 18 years old. I must say that I started to masturbate very early, about 12 years - 13. At first it was just a new feeling, and then I began to pose other naked boys, because I went to the pool and saw a lot of boys, men, and of course their members. So there is nothing more exciting, I could not find. Then I and my brother Paul purchased the porn card, and I began to masturbate on them. Then I managed to get a porn movie. It was a little background to make it clear how it all began. This porn tape with Paul for the first time we looked together. I got it from his neighbor, his brother called and said that I have a hot video, but will not be able to see the house, because my father was sick and stayed at home. Pasha told me to come. I've been at it an hour later. His house was only a grandmother, but she was in the morning was


I was then twenty. The women I knew, but it is quite traditional. About lesbians heard by chance. One day I was sitting at home in the doorbell rang - on the threshold of my friend since school years Marina, with her slender blonde low. Both drunk. On Marina, I had a purely friendly relationship, and her visit was familiar. We put music and they danced a slow dance together. Suddenly Marina offered: -Let's undress - hot. And without waiting for an answer, he pulled over her head dress and stayed in a bathing suit. Then, in the rhythm of the dance she took off her dress with a girlfriend. Tired, they flopped down on the bed. -Lie down with us. - Proposed Marina. I lay down on the edge. Marina was lying against the wall - between us Gal. It seemed that she was asleep. -Beautiful Jackdaw, right? Saying this, she stroked her friend in the stomach, legs, thighs, totally embarrassed me. I am confused. Suddenly Marina in one motion moved the bra with breast girlfriend up and I